WWE: Are Kane And The Undertaker Really Brothers? Facts To Know

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WWE has been telling a story about the 'Brothers of Destruction' for years. Find out the real story behind the relationship between The Undertaker & Kane.

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WWE fans, who have speculated over the years about the relationship between legends The Undertaker and Kane, continue to be shocked with the same. The duo have indeed been proven as brothers who have had a troubled past. The whole storyline was built around Paul Bearer accusing The Undertaker of having burned down the family business as a child, killing his parents and younger half-brother Kane.

Glenn Jacobs is the man who portrays the character of Kane in the WWE. On the contrary, Mark Calaway plays The Undertaker. 

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The Undertaker - His debut as "Kane The Undertaker"

The Undertaker has a nice ring to it, but on his official WWE debut, the Phenom was introduced by the WWE as "Kane the Undertaker" when he first appeared at the Survivor Series PPV event in 1990. There have been claims that The Undertaker was only referred to as Kane for the first few weeks after he debuted on TV but the name was later given to the Undertaker's fictional brother Kane (Glenn Jacobs).

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The Undertaker and Kane - Are they brothers in real life?

The Undertaker and Kane have been portrayed as half-brothers in storylines throughout their time with the WWE. The company still maintains that the two are half-brothers in various angles but they are not related in real life.

The Undertaker and Kane feuded and also teamed together on and off as "The Brothers of Destruction" since Kane's debut in 1997, winning two WWF Tag Team Championships and the WCW Tag Team Championship once.

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Kane – Before portraying The Undertaker’s brother

Kane has had different personas in the WWE where he initially went by the ring name, Isaac Yankem and a private evil-wrestling dentist to Jerry Lawler two years before his official debut as Kane in 1997. Before becoming the half-brother of The Undertaker, he had also been repackaged into the new ‘Diesel’ with shorter and curlier hair than what the fans were used to seeing the original character with.

Here is a footage of Kane and Canadian wrestler Rick Bognar making their debut as Kevin Nash and Scott Hall following their departures from the promotion:

For both Kane and Bognar, the gimmick died out of the gate, drawing a reaction from fans which was a lot worse than boos. Fortunately for Glenn, he went on to achieve a lot of accolades and titles in the WWE after being built as a half-brother of The Undertaker.

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