WWE: Tyson Fury Impersonates The Undertaker In Crown Jewel Fight

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Tyson Fury defeated Braun Strowman in his WWE debut at Crown Jewel. The Gypsy king impersonated The Undertaker in the fight and WWE fans have surely loved it.

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Tyson Fury ‘The Gypsy King’ just got a perfect beginning in WWE by defeating Braun Strowman ‘The Monster Among Men’ in his first-ever WWE fight at Crown Jewel. The undefeated boxer feels that his matchup against Braun Strowman was incredible and admitted that Braun Strowman is actually the monster among men. If you think Fury is done with WWE, you are wrong. For the timing, Fury will go back to boxing and face Deontay Wilder for the heavyweight title but The Gypsy King has already expressed his urge to make a WWE appearance in future after he gets done with Deontay Wilder. However, Fury has already impressed the WWE fans by his in-ring skills which also includes impersonating The Undertaker in his Crown Jewel fight.

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WWE: Tyson Fury does an Undertaker

Despite being one of the biggest stars of all time in WWE, The Undertaker was not a part of WWE Crown Jewel but Dubai got the glimpse of The Phenom’s iconic instant wakeup through Tyson Fury ‘The Gypsy King’. Fury was slammed by Braun Strowman which made the Gypsy King go on the ground. It seemed that Braun overpowered him but to everyone’s shock Tyson Fury instantly woke up and gave a blank stare at Braun which surely took made WWE fans reminisce about The Undertaker.

If you have seen The Undertaker in action, you know that he loves to scare his opponents by waking up in his iconic style instantly. Tyson Fury did the same move against Braun Strowman what the Phenom has been doing for years. Have a look at The Undertaker's iconic act.

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WWE: Will Tyson Fury fight again?

Fury is done with WWE and he will move towards his boxing career with Deontay Wilder on the line. According to The Gypsy King, he will face Wilder on February 2020 in one of the most epic boxing-rematches but once he gets done with it he will surely think about fighting in WWE again. Have a look at Tyson Fury's thoughts on WWE career.

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