WWE, On This Day: Henry & Big Show Implode At WWE Vengeance 2011!

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Mark Henry and Big show fought against each other on this day eight years ago. It was a night of action and WWE fans got a glimpse of one of the best matches.

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It's been eight years since we have experienced one of the greatest WWE Heavyweight Championship matches of all time between two legendary WWE Superstars. Big Show and Mark Henry have been amongst the biggest superstars in the WWE to have clashed against each other. They did so at the WWE Vengeance in 2011 on October 24 and fans were surely shocked after the night ended. Two gigantic wrestlers ended up imploding the ring and the memory still remains prominent.

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WWE: What happened in WWE Vengeance 2011?

The feud between the two super-sized WWE Superstars was exciting to watch and a great build-up in terms of storyline. Several months before WWE Vengeance, Mark Henry put down a complete assault on Big Show and took him down to his infamous Hall of Pain. Big Show was waiting for payback and it finally happened. The Giants finally locked horns at WWE Vengeance in 2011 and it was a terrific action show. Both the men had the urge to win and they went to a whole different extent to stay relevant in the match. Big Show managed to kick out from Mark Henry’s Strongest Slam in the match but there is no doubt that Mark Henry gave Big Show one of the worst beatings of his life and shocked the audience by kicking out of a chokeslam off the top rope. However, the WWE ring was not ready for such a super-fight featuring a combined weight of 897lbs and the ring imploded shockingly. However, the match brought no result and ended up in a no-contest but fans surely had a night of fun.

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WWE: Recent big matches

The modern era fans will get a glimpse of some of the big matches in the upcoming PPV of Crown Jewel. Former WBC champion Tyson Fury is going to face Braun Strowman 'The Monster Among Men'  while the dream rematch of Brock Lesnar and Cain Velasquez is finally happening. Though inside a WWE ring, but former UFC Heavyweight rivals Cain Velasquez and Brock Lesnar are going to face each other again in Crown Jewel. Velasquez beat Lesnar inside the Octagon but WWE fans can expect something crazy and iconic moments from those matches like it happened eight years back.

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