WWE Survivor Series: 4 Superstars Who Could Be On SmackDown Men's Team

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With the WWE Survivor Series pay per view in a couple of weeks and a few superstars on its roster, here are 4 superstars who could be in SmackDown men's team.

Written By Akhil Nambiar | Mumbai | Updated On:
WWE Survivor Series

With the WWE Survivor Series pay-per-view just a couple of weeks away, the build-up to it has been intense. The addition of NXT to the Survivor series, alongside RAW and SmackDown, promises to spring a few surprises. While RAW has already announced Seth Collins as its captain, SmackDown is yet to reveal its team. With a few WWE superstars on its roster, let’s take a look at a few wrestlers who could end up on the side.

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Cesaro is probably one of the most underutilised wrestlers in WWE. Unfortunately, apart from sporadic appearances, Cesaro has never won a significant draw. When Smackdown drafted him, fans believed that Cesaro would receive his due, his career gaining direction. But that was not to be. In the Crown Jewel series, he lost to Mansoor, which was a blow. However, last week, he teamed up with Shinsuke Nakamura to beat Ali and Shorty G in a tag team match. WWE might be putting some wins his way before enlisting him into Team SmackDown.

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King Corbin

King Corbin is another wrestler who could be on the Team SmackDown and bring a little colour to the Survivor series. Last week, he picked up a feud with Roman Reigns after he won a match against the big dog with the help of a few antics. This feud could play an exciting role in SmackDown’s fate in the series. If King Corbin and Reigns cross swords against each other despite being on the same team, this could cost SmackDown the Survivor series. Corbin’s addition would add some drama.

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Braun Strowman

Braun Strowman is one of the more famous stars on the WWE roster, but fans have always been left disappointed by his bookings. He is losing his persona as a monster, as he is often booked to lose big matches. In the Crown Jewel series, he lost to Tyson Fury and has no other feud lined up for him now. However, WWE should include him on team SmackDown. In 2018, Strowman had contributed mostly to RAW’s victory at PPV by eliminating four men. He could showcase a similar performance for SmackDown this year in the Survivor series. His inclusion on Team SmackDown could be precisely what he needs to revive his WWE career.

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Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns is the ideal choice to lead the men’s team for SmackDown at the Survivor Series. Once a hated wrestler, Reigns has managed to turn public sentiments in his favour. In the Crown Jewel Series, he led team Hogan to victory in a five-on-five Tag Team match. Since then, he has a new feud with King Corbin, which looks like it will continue for the next few months. To lead the team would test Reigns as a team player and a captain. Would he be able to rise above the feud to work with Corbin to get a victory for SmackDown? It would be exciting to watch. As he has already proven capable as a leader, WWE should pick him as Captain for SmackDown.

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