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D Gukesh returns to India after FIDE Candidates win, receives a rousing reception at Chennai airport

Teenager D Gukesh who made history in Toronto at the FIDE Candidates Chess Tournament returned to India and received a rousing applause as he landed in Chennai.

D Gukesh | Image: PTI

Indian Chess prodigy GM D Gukesh made history after becoming the youngest to challenge for the Chess world title. He became a major rager after winning the prestigious Candidates Chess Tournament 2024 in Toronto, Canada. 

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D Gukesh returns to a rousing reception in India after Candidates win, acknowledges the fans' appreciation

Following his victory at the famous Candidates Chess Tournament in Toronto, Indian Grandmaster D Gukesh became the youngest contender to the world crown. He returned to an exuberant reception here on Thursday and was greeted by throngs of supporters. At least an hour before Gukesh's flight touched down, hundreds of pupils from his school, Velammal Vidyalaya, gathered at the airport to welcome the 17-year-old.


As his arrival time approached, a sizable general throng also began to gather, and the area surrounding the entry gate quickly filled up. When the boy emerged at around three in the morning, the joyful group was there to greet him. Before long, garlands were encircling his neck and the police were scurrying to get him out safely.

D Gukesh exits a car in Toronto as people around him take selfies with him following his victory in the Candidates Chess Tournament | Image: X/@DGukesh

The young champion had a broad smile on his face as soon as he saw his mother Padma, a scientist, in the crowd. Other family members were also present to greet him. They greeted one another and gave one other an embrace.


"I feel very happy for this homecoming, this is a special achievement. I was in a good space since the beginning of the tournament, I had full confidence that I will emerge top in this tournament and luck was on my side as well," Gukesh said while talking to the media at the airport.

"It's good to see so many people enjoy chess...I thank the Tamil Nadu government. I thank my Appa, Amma, coach, friends, family, sponsor and my school for being alongside me and playing an amazing role in helping me win this tournament," he added.


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Another prodigal talent to come out of the city, R Praggnanandhaa, 18, was one of the players Gukesh defeated in the Candidates match. Five Indians in total — two ladies and three men — participated in the competition. He broke the record set forty years earlier by the legendary Garry Kasparov to become the youngest title contender in history.


Published April 25th, 2024 at 07:45 IST