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R Praggnanandhaa defeats Magnus Carlsen for the first time! Secures a classical win at Norway Chess

R Praggnannadhaa has become the fourth-only Indian GM to defeat Magnus Carlsen, and he did it at the World Number One's home turf in Norway Chess.

Reported by: Pavitra Shome
R Praggnanandhaa | Image:X/@NorwayChess

One of India's emerging chess grandmasters, R Praggnanandhaa, has done the unthinkable while in Norway. The sensational Indian chess player has been a star in the making, who went toe-to-toe against one of the top superstars, Magnus Carlsen. But while at the Norway Chess tournament, the 18-year-old Pragg was able to do something impossible for him in the past. Praggnanandhaa was able to defeat the World number one, Magnus Carlsen, on his own home turf in the Norway Chess tournament.

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R Praggnanandhaa becomes the fourth-only Indian GM to defeat Magnus Carlsen, handing him a loss at his home in Norway

R Praggnanandhaa secured his first-ever classical win over Norway's own Magnus Carlsen at his home's chess tournament in Stavanger. The young Indian Grandmaster took the lead, ensuring him a win at his first-ever classical match against Carlsen. What was better was that Pragg ended the day by being at the top of the open standings, while her sister Vaishali also put up a dominant stance in the standings.


Magnus Carlsen attempted to surprise the young Chennai player by throwing what he deemed as a high-stakes opener at Praggnanandhaa. However, the ruse failed. Though taken by surprise, Praggnanadhaa did not waste any precious seconds in applying pressure on the five-time world champion. For Pragg, who lost the World Cup to Carlsen last year, it comes out as a massive boost to the Chennai teen after becoming the fourth-only Indian chess player to defeat the Norwegian chess star.


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After Pragg climbed up to the top of the standings, American grandmaster Fabio Caruana stood at the number two spot of the table. GMs Hikaru Nakamura and Alireza Firouzja took the third and fourth spots, respectively. Magnus Carlsen dropped to sixth in the six-man Norway Chess open division standings after paying a steep cost for his risky openingΒ play against Praggnanandhaa.


Pragg's sister R Vaishali took the sole lead into the standings before the day ended on Tuesday. She defeated her Indian compatriot Koneru Humpy and also held GM Anna Muzychuk to a draw with black pieces to retain her top position on Wednesday.


Published May 30th, 2024 at 08:02 IST