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First time in 16 years, Ajinkya Rahane given out for obstructing field; Assam shows big heart

This marked the first time in Ajinkya Rahane's 16-year-long professional cricket career that he was given out for obstructing the field.

Reported by: Vishal Tiwari
भारतीय बल्लेबाज अजिंक्य रहाणे | Image:PTI

In a dramatic turn of events during the last league match of the Ranji Trophy 2023-24 in Mumbai, veteran Indian batsman Ajinkya Rahane was given out for obstructing the field. The incident unfolded in the final over before the tea break. 

Assam gives Rahane a chance but the batter fails to capitalize

Rahane, batting at 18 with Mumbai's score at 102 for 4, played a shot down to mid-on for a single off Assam's fast bowler Dibakar Johri's delivery. However, the non-striker Shivam Dube declined the run, causing Rahane to retreat. 

Assam captain Denish Das quickly threw the ball to the keeper's end, hitting Rahane as he tried to return to the crease. The Assam team appealed for obstructing the field, resulting in Rahane's dismissal by the on-field umpire. 


This marked the first time in Rahane's 16-year-long professional cricket career that he was given out for obstructing the field. The tea break was taken with just two balls remaining in the 25th over. Rahane and players from both teams went back to the pavilion. 

Luck seemed to briefly favor Rahane as Assam chose to withdraw the appeal during the break. As per the laws, the appeal must be retracted before the next ball is bowled, and if accepted by the umpire, the player will be reinstated to the crease.


However, Rahane couldn't capitalize on the opportunity given, as he was dismissed by Johri just four overs after play resumed. Rahane's struggles in the domestic circuit persisted as he was out for 22 runs off 69 deliveries, contributing to his disappointing run in the ongoing Ranji Trophy.

Throughout the Ranji season, Rahane's contributions were limited, accumulating only 112 runs across 8 innings with an average of just 16. Additionally, he missed two matches due to injuries, during which Shams Mulani and Dube took charge of leading the team.


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