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Harbhajan Singh Envisions 90-Ball Format Making its Way into International Cricket

Unlike the rapid pace of T10 cricket, LCT 90 encourages a strategic approach, fostering intense battles between bat and ball.

Harbhajan Singh | Image:Special arrangement

As the Legends Cricket Trophy Season 2 picks up pace, veteran cricketer Harbhajan Singh champions the LCT 90 ball format, emphasizing its superiority. Renowned for his insightful perspectives, Singh's endorsement of LCT 90 underscores its appeal and potential.

In a recent interview, Harbhajan Singh hailed the LCT 90 format for offering a balanced cricketing experience. "The LCT 90 format adds a new dimension to the game," remarked Singh. "It strikes a fine balance between length and skill, allowing players to showcase their talents across various aspects of the sport."


Sharing his experience of the league, Singh highlighted its significance for retired players. "Leagues have started happening with retired players for the past two to three years," he said. "It provides opportunities for retired players to continue playing in a competitive environment, whether they're colleagues from abroad or the national team."

Speaking about playing in Kandy, Singh described the unique features of the 90-ball format. "It's different from other formats, with four power plays and the option for the batsman to choose their powerplay between 10 to 15. Additionally, the best bowler can bowl four overs, making it favorable for retired players," he explained.


Reflecting on his initial reaction to the 90-ball format, Singh noted the simplicity of the options available "Whenever a new format is introduced, it takes time to adapt. However, as a batsman, having the choice of powerplay against strong bowlers is advantageous," he remarked.

Singh also praised the format for allowing longer gameplay compared to T10 cricket. "In T10, there's limited time for play, but in the LCT 90 format, longer play is possible. This works to our advantage, especially when we have strong bowlers like Malinga," he added.


Unlike the rapid pace of T10 cricket, LCT 90 encourages a strategic approach, fostering intense battles between bat and ball. Singh highlighted the format's capacity to challenge players, elevating the quality of competition and spectator engagement.

As Legends League Trophy Season 2 unfolds, Harbhajan Singh's support for the LCT 90-ball format is expected to spark discussions within the cricketing community. With his esteemed reputation in the sport, Singh's advocacy validates LCT 90's potential to redefine limited-overs cricket.


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Published March 12th, 2024 at 22:34 IST