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BBL commentators shocked after Mitchell Starc shatters all records to become most expensive IPL buy

BBL commentators, who were engrossed in the Sydney Thunder vs Adelaide Strikers match, were caught off guard by Starc's astronomical price tag.

Reported by: Vishal Tiwari
BBL commentators on Mitchell Starc's price tage | Image:X/IPL

In a jaw-dropping turn of events at the Indian Premier League (IPL) auction, Australian fast bowler Mitchell Starc emerged as the most expensive player in the history of the tournament. Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) secured Starc's services for a staggering INR 24.75 crore, sending shockwaves through the cricketing world and leaving Big Bash League (BBL) commentators visibly astonished.

3 things you need to now

  • The IPL 2024 auction was held at Coca-Cola Arena in Dubai on Tuesday
  • Mitchell Starc became the most expensive player in the IPL history
  • Pat Cummins pocketed 20.50 crore as the second most expensive buy

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BBL commentators shocked after Starc's monster payday

The IPL auction, known for its high-stakes bidding wars, reached unprecedented heights as franchises vied for the coveted players. Mitchell Starc, known for his fiery pace and lethal swing, was at the center of attention as Kolkata Knight Riders went all-in to secure his services. The record-breaking bid not only surprised fans but also caught the attention of cricket pundits, particularly those covering the BBL.


BBL commentators, who were engrossed in the Sydney Thunder vs Adelaide Strikers match for Channel 7, were caught off guard by the news of Starc's astronomical price tag. A viral picture circulating on social media captured the genuine shock and disbelief on their faces, reflecting the magnitude of the moment. 

The Kolkata Knight Riders' bold move to secure Mitchell Starc's services at such a high price underscores the team's commitment to assembling a formidable squad for the upcoming IPL 2024 season. The Australian pacer, who has previously played in the IPL, will be eager to justify the record-breaking price tag and make a significant impact on KKR's campaign.


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