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'If you play at MI for long, your head will explode': Ex-MI player exposes culture at Mumbai Indians

Exposing Mumbai Indians' culture, a former player reveals, "If you play at MI for long, your head will explode," shedding light on challenging dynamics.

Reported by: Aryan Suraj Chadha
Rohit Sharma with Hardik Pandya and MI owner Akash Ambani | Image:x

The two most dominant teams in Indian Premier League (IPL) history are the Mumbai Indians and the Chennai Super Kings. These two teams have established the benchmark for success in the competition with an incredible five championship victories apiece in the sixteen seasons that have been completed since 2008. They are the IPL's dominant team, with no other club even approaching their degree of success attributable to their reliable play and capacity to seal victories.

Ambati Rayudu is one of the few players in IPL history to have played for both the Chennai Super Kings and the Mumbai Indians. This makes him unique in the both team's history. Along with Rohit Sharma, he is the only player to have won six IPL titles. His time with these two storied teams has been characterised by success. Rayudu's role in the teams' victories highlights his value as a versatile and indispensable player in the league's talented roster. He recently opined on the different cultures of both Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings


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What did Ambati Rayudu say about his experience with both MI and CSK in the IPL

Ambati Rayudu has provided intriguing insights into the differing team cultures of the Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings. His involvement with both organisations has given him a unique view on how they function and approach the game. Speaking on Star Sports, Ambati Rayudu said: 

"If we have to talk about culture, CSK focuses more on the process. They do not analyse the results much. Their mood and mood swings are not because of the results. MI is a bit different. MI mostly wants to win, and their culture is like everything depends on winning. They have a culture of jeetna hi hai (win is a must). Winning is non-negotiable,

“Both CSK and MI have two different cultures, but at the end of the day, both work hard. I feel CSK has a much better environment. You can play there longer. If you play in MI for a long time, toh brain fatt jayega (Your brain will explode).”

"When I used to play for MI, my game improved a lot. If you had not won the match, they would not see an excuse. At the end of the day, you have to perform. MI has an environment where you keep getting better, and CSK has an environment, Wahaan aapko better bana diya jaata hai, vo bhi aaram se (At CSK, you are made better, and that too without any hassle),” 

Ambati Rayudu also opined on Rohit Sharma’s future with Mumbaoi Indians 

Amidst rumours about Rohit Sharma's future with the Mumbai Indians after the IPL 2024, Ambati Rayudu, a former Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings player, has made a fascinating statement. With the next super auction before IPL 2025 expected to result in significant changes to squad makeup, there has been much guesswork regarding Rohit Sharma's status within the Mumbai Indians franchise, particularly with Hardik Pandya's recent captaincy shift. Rayudu said: 


"It is Rohit's call at the end of the day. Wherever he would want to go, he will go. All the team will love to have him and have him as a captain. It's Rohit's call. I am sure he will go to franchise which treats him better than what has happened here,"


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