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'RCB has great bowling attack. HAHA': Venkatesh Iyer fails to hold back his laugh after trolling RCB

Venkatesh Iyer has brutally trolled the RCB bowling attack and failed to hold back his laughter ahead of KKR and RCB's match last Sunday. Watch the video here

Venkatesh Iyer trolls RCB | Image:iplt20.com/BCCI/X/screengrab

In a video that has recently surfaced on Social Media, Kolkata Knight Riders' star player Venkatesh Iyer is seen laughing at Royal Challengers Bengaluru after trolling their bowling lineup. 

Royal Challengers Bengaluru are experiencing a torrid season in IPL 2024 as they have only won one out of their first eight games and lie plum last in the IPL standings. 


RCB are facing a lot of flak this season and one of the primary concerns has been their timid bowling lineup that seems to be shipping runs for fun this season. 

In their latest match, the Royal Challengers Bengaluru lost a thriller against Kolkata Knight Riders at Eden Gardens on Sunday. RCB heads were in their hands as after a valiant effort of chasing a daunting total of 223, RCB fell by only one run. 


Venkatesh Iyer brutally trolls RCB

Ahead of the KKR vs RCB clash at Eden Gardens, Venkatesh Iyer appeared on the pre match show of Star Sports. The video of the show has now surfaced on Social Media.


In the clip that is in Hindi, Venkatesh Iyer can be sarcastically seen trolling RCB for their performance in IPL so far as he said, “RCB are a great side and RCB have a great bowling lineup”. Watch the video here - 

As Venkatesh Iyer said these words he knew what he was doing and he failed to hold back his laughter after brutally trolling his opponents. 

The video has seen left many fans in splits on Social Media and many RCB supporters are unhappy over it. 


How Bad is RCB bowling attack?

The answer to this question simply lies in watching RCB play. In their recent game against Kolkata Knight Riders, Royal Challengers Bengaluru arguably put in their best bowling shift of the season and still managed to concede 222 runs.


They have the worst bowling average this season in IPL 2024 with 49.8 and the worst strike rate out of the 10 teams with 27.9. In eight games this season, RCB bowling unit has only taken 34 wickets.


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