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'Why is he bothering. He is such a great but why get into RUBBISH': Virat Kohli SLAMMED by Doull

Virat Kohli has been slammed by Simon Doull for bothering about 'rubbish' in his post match comments after IPL 2024 match between GT and RCB.

Virat Kohli slammed by Simon Doull | Image:AP

Former New Zealand cricketer and IPL pundit Simon Doull has slammed Virat Kohli for his comments made post match after Royal Challengers Bengaluru's commanding victory over the Gujarat Titans in match 45 of IPL 2024. 

Virat Kohli starred in RCB's win as he scored an unbeaten knock of 70 runs in 44 balls with an impressive strike rate of 159. Virat Kohli had been criticised heavily on social media and some of the pundits for his slow strike rate in RCB's previous game against Sunrisers Hyderabad


But after his fantastic showing against Gujarat Titans, Virat Kohli decided to let the record straight by firing back at the critics. This reaction by Virat Kohli has invited criticism from Simon Doull who is of the opinion that Virat Kohli should've been unfazed. 

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Why did Simon Doull slam Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli came out post match and fired shot at his critics by saying they sit in a box.  

“I am not quite sure if you've been in that situation yourself to sit and speak about the game from a box…people can talk about their own ideas and assumptions of the game but those who have done it day in day out, know what's happening," said Virat Kohli on victory. 


Simon Doull on the cricbuzz live show took issue with these comments and slammed that a great player like him shouldn't pay attention to such rubbish. 

“It's interesting that he goes back to these things…cleary he's (Virat Kohli) reading social media or someone is reading all the social media about him..Why is he bothering (to read). I mean the bloke is sucha a great player. Why are you bothering or why are people even bothering to read the rubbish that you write and telling him. So I don't understand that”, said Simon Doull. 


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Doull further raised a point that this is nothing new when it comes to Virat Kohli and he has lashed back against critics multiple times before as well.


“And he does this quite often in post match presentations where he has a point to make about stuff that is written about him," said Simon Doull. 

Virat Kohli had recently come under major criticism from many pundits and fans for playing with a slow strike rate in IPL 2024. Despite scoring 500 runs with an average of 71 for the Royal Challengers Bengaluru in 10 matches so far during the current IPL campaign, people have nit picked and criticised Kohli for going at 147.49. 


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