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'That's the difference between Prithvi & Yashasvi': Shaw's ex-coach reveals what caused his downfall

Prithvi Shaw's ex-coach made a shocking revelation while talking about what went wrong in Prithvi Shaw's journey. Read on to know what he said.

Prithvi Shaw | Image:AP/Northamptonshire

Once hailed as the future star of India, Prithvi Shaw has seemingly travelled from Everest to Mariana Trench in his cricketing journey. The batter was once compared to the great Sachin Tendulkar. However, so far he hasn't been able to showcase his complete potential. While the cricket world has been dwelling over what went wrong for Prithvi Shaw and could not come up with a certain answer, his former coach Jwala Singh has paid heed to the subject and expressed his thoughts.

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Prithvi Shaw's coach Jwala Singh displays thoughts on the prodigy's downfall

After leading India to the ICC U-19 World Cup in 2017 and subsequently dropping impressive performances in the IPL for Delhi Capitals, Prithvi Shaw made it to the India squad at the age of 18. He started on the best possible note, scoring a century on debut against West Indies in a home test in 2018. However, things took a different turn afterwards. His vulnerability against the in-swinger was exploited, consequently his form dwindled and lately his fitness has become a concern for him. Shaw has been making runs at the domestic front but the injury issues and other problems at a personal level have raised more eyebrows than his performance. 


Prithvi Shaw is an intriguing subject and the knowers of the game are interested in knowing where did he falter in his journey. To give a realistic answer to this his former coach Jwala Singh talked about his prodigy in Shubhankar Mishra's podcast. Singh first narrated how he met Prithvi Shaw and how their journey began.

"He came to me in 2015. He was with me for three years-2015, 2016, and 2017. When he arrived I vaguely remember that he did not play 2-3 matches for Mumbai U-16. I met his father and we used to live in the same area, Santa Cruz. And he (Prithvi) used to come to the Air India ground, used to play in the nets. So, one fine day, we met and I told him to bat in the nets. He was struggling to score at that time. He came and batted the process continued for the next 15 days. His father told me that they wanted to come and join, and I said come. So, from there our journey started." Singh said


About Shaw's downfall, Singh stated that he had not met Prithvi since the 2017 U-19 World Cup and hence does not have a concrete say on it. 

"After the U-19 World Cup blitz, I haven't seen him face-to-face up until now. Before he went for the U-19 World Cup he celebrated with me. It was the 500th match of the Ranji Trophy, he came to my house, we cut the cake. So, following 2017 and we are sitting in 2024, I haven't seen during the period."


"I don't know what his issue is, so what can I say when I haven't met him how can I figure out what caused his downfall?"

Prithvi Shaw in action during IPL 2024

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What Yashasvi Jaiswal is doing differently as compared to Prithvi Shaw?

Jwala Singh further cited that what differentiates a successful player from a failed one is discipline and dedication towards the process. Explaining it, Prithvi Shaw's coach mentioned the name of the new kid on the block, Yashasvi Jaiswal.


"I think the consistency that is needed to better things, you have made run in U-19 and have started well in Tests, that's right but to thrive at the international cricket you consistently have to improve because the bowlers at that stage are smart. Even Sachin Tendulkar had to reinvent his game and had to pay heed to several other attributes like fitness, and mental toughness. I think the player loses his way when he does not focus on the process anymore. If your work ethic is right, you are clear about your process and you are disciplined then you don't falter. I think the players who fail face this kind of challenge. Talking about Yashasvi, I think his work ethic is superb. He works hard and knows what his role is, and that's the difference." Singh concluded.  





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