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'We want you at CSK, Don't accept Delhi. I would captain CSK instead of Dhoni': Big revelation made

What could be defined as a huge revelation a former India player has revealed that MS Dhoni was not CSK's first-choice as the captain in 2008.

Reported by: Prateek Arya
MS Dhoni | Image: X/@ChennaiIPL

MS Dhoni and Chennai Super Kings can be discerned as inseparable entities. The two have been together since the inception of the Indian Premier League and as the leader at the helm, MS Dhoni has led CSK to a record five IPL trophies. He is the talisman of CSK and after so many years it is almost impossible to imagine Dhoni not being the captain of CSK. The 2024 season saw the eventuality taking place and what could be defined as a huge revelation a former India player has revealed that MS Dhoni was not CSK's first-choice captain in 2008. 

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Virender Sehwag reveals he was the first choice of CSK over MS Dhoni

Chennai Super Kings roped in MS Dhoni with a winning bid of Rs. 6 crore in 2008. While the game has evolved and the bidding price has even breached the 20 crore mark, back in the day Rs. 6 crore was a big deal. CSK splurged to get Dhoni by their side and as the captain of Team India in limited overs format, Dhoni was entrusted with the CSK captaincy as well. However, in a jolting divulgence, former India opener Virender Sehwag has made it known he was approached first by CSK in 2008. Sehwag revealed that VB Chandrashekar, the former India cricketer who had the onus of buying players at CSK, had phone-called him before the auction.


“VB Chandrashekhar was selecting the players for CSK. He phone-called me and said, 'we want you to play for CSK. Delhi Daredevils want you to be their icon. Don't accept the offer'. I was like, fine, we will see,” Sehwag revealed in a chat with Fever FM.

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Sehwag picked Delhi Daredevils over CSK 

Sehwag eventually picked Delhi Daredevils (Now, Delhi Capitals) as his harbor in IPL. But years later he dwelled that if he had not accepted Delhi Capitals' offer, then the entire timeline would have been different, as he would have been the captain of CSK instead of MS Dhoni.  

A still of Virender Sehwag from his days at Delhi Daredevils

“Finally, I received the offer from Delhi Daredevils to be their icon player and I accepted it. I didn't go into the auction. If I were a part of the auction, CSK would've bought me and made me the captain of the side. But then, they bought MS Dhoni and made him the captain,” Sehwag said.


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