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'Let it happen': After Rohit's scathing attack Dale Steyn hurls strong words about Newlands pitch

The India vs South Africa 2nd Test ended after a little over a day's play. The pitch of the Test came under scanner and discussions about it are still in place.

Reported by: Prateek Arya
Dale Steyn | Image:AP

Following the conclusion of the 2nd India vs South Africa Test, which ended in a flash, the furore over the Newlands, Cape Town wicket continues. First it was Rohit Sharma, who did not shy away from admitting that he does not have any problem in playing on such a track, provided critics do not discern between this and Ahmedabad's surface. Following Rohit Sharma, former South African pacer Dale Steyn has come out to spare a few words about the Newlands' pitch.

3 things you need to know

  • India vs South Africa 2nd Test could not last longer than 107 overs
  • It became the shortest Test in the history of cricket
  • India won the match by 7 wickets

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India vs South Africa 2nd Test ended inside 4 sessions

The presence of a patch of grass at the Newlands' pitch proved to be disastrous for the 2nd IND vs SA Test. Apparently, it was kept to protect the surface from developing cracks and indeed it became a troublesome factor. The uneven bounce generated off the track left the batsmen quizzing, which promulgated them to take the aggressive route. Even when the target was as low as 78, Team India did not sit back and took a defensive stance. The approach was clear i.e., to waste no time and score freely, as considering how the pitch fared complacency was seemingly not the luxury India could afford.


The falling of wickets, and batsmen resorting to fearless cricket, made the Test match last less than 108 overs, becoming the shortest in the history of cricket.

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Dale Steyn weighs in on the match

Former South African quick, Dale Steyn, paid heed to the premature end to the match and mentioned that there is no big deal about cracks. He reflected on his playing days and divulged how he has placed on tracks where cracks were so wide that even a car could be parked inside of them.


"Why we so scared of cracks? Think Sydney, Perth. Cracks so wide you can park a car inside them, and yet they always get to days 4 and 5! Pointless a test being over so fast you don’t even see a hint of a crack. Pitches deteriorate over the days, let it happen. Two-day tests are not Test matches," Steyn wrote on Twitter (Lately known as X). 


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