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A 2019 WC story about MS Dhoni you NEVER HEARD: 'He refused crores. He said-'No, it's my decision"

MS Dhoni's remarkable generosity is highlighted once again as another heart-touching story from 2019 regarding his bat sticker emerges.

Reported by: Aryan Suraj Chadha
MS Dhoni with BAS sticker on bat in 2019 World Cup | Image:AP/Sports Launch Pad

MS Dhoni is widely regarded as one of the most generous cricketers and India's most successful cricket team captain. His leadership led CSK to their 5th IPL trophy in 2023, and he is set to lead them once more in 2024, presumably marking his farewell from professional cricket. Dhoni's immense impact on the game is exemplified by his continued success and dedication to his team.

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 BAS owner Somi Kohli made a surprising disclosure regarding MS Dhoni

MS Dhoni's latest bat sticker has piqued the interest of fans ahead of the IPL 2024 season. The Chennai Super Kings captain, who appears to be gearing up for his final hurrah in cricket, has opted to adorn his willow with the 'Prime Sports' emblem, a touching gesture intended to convey his gratitude to those who have supported him during his storied career. Paramjit Singh, the owner of Prime Sports, praised the move, calling it a mark of sincere friendship. Dhoni's kindness has even crossed boundaries, earning plaudits from Australian cricket icons Michael Hussey and Adam Gilchrist.


However, Dhoni's adoration does not only benefit Prime Sports. Somi Kohli, the owner of 'Beat All Sports,' one of India's leading sports manufacturing companies, shared a heartwarming story about Dhoni's kindness. Kohli said that Dhoni chose not to collect any fees for displaying the BAS logo on his bat during the 2019 World Cup, despite being one of the tournament's star players. Throughout the occasion, Dhoni proudly displayed both BAS and SS stickers, which Kohli said was only motivated by Dhoni's charitable character. This gesture of selflessness was especially poignant because it coincided with Dhoni's final performance for India, signaling the end of an era for the renowned cricketer.  In a viral video on X, Somi Kohli said: 

“Dhoni did not mention any money. He just said 'put your stickers on my bats and send them across'. I tried to convince him, 'You're letting go of such a lucrative contract'. He refused crores of rupees worth of contract. I requested his wife Sakshi, his father, mother. Even told his CA and Paramjit from Ranchi. They all went to his home before the World Cup. But he said 'No… it is my decision',”

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Almost a quarter of a century ago, in 1999, Dhoni's relationship with BAS and Kohli began when the latter, searching for up-and-coming talent, sent the young player some kits. Even with the difference in distance, Kohli had faith in Dhoni's abilities. Only in 2004—six years later—did Kohli get the chance to finally meet Dhoni face-to-face. Interestingly, MSD made his debut for the Indian cricket team in the same year.

Strangely, Dhoni's first-ever ODI century—a stunning 148 against Pakistan—came at the same moment that 'BAS' was on his bat. This achievement not only signalled a turning point in Dhoni's career but also demonstrated the strength of the relationship between Dhoni, BAS, and Kohli—a connection that had started years earlier with a mutual conviction in the young cricketer's potential.


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