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IND vs PAK: Speed comes to watch Kohli bat, devasted after his dismissal; ICT fans console YouTuber

India vs Pakistan was certainly a heart-stopping encounter for Indian Cricket Team fans and YouTuber ishowspeed was devasted after Virat Kohli dismissal.

Speed devasted with Virat Kohli dismissal during India vs Pakistan | Image:X/screengrab

India managed to pull off the ultimate heist when they defeated Pakistan by 6 runs to win a match that was seemingly lost in the T20 World Cup 2024 group stage fixture at Nassau County Cricket Stadium in New York.

Despite the victory, not every moment in the game was enjoyable for the fans of Indian cricket team and certainly not the first innings where Indian batters collapsed to only a score of 119.


One such fan of Team India who had his heart in his mouth and was absolutely devastated in the first innings was American YouTube sensation, ishowspeed.

In a video on social media it can be seen that speed was devastated after the dismissal of his favourite cricket player in Virat Kohli. Virat Kohli got out cheaply to Naseem Shah in just the second over of the innings.


The match that was initially a pause and play affair due to rain finally started and Kohli restarted by hitting Naseem Shah for a four on the very first delivery. However, Kohli tried to be ultra aggressive and in the very next ball he leapt on to a Naseem Shah ball that swung wide and ended up getting caught a point.

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Indian fans console speed after he is devastated by Virat Kohli dismissal

The Youtuber as soon as Virat Kohli got out was absolutely devasted by the dismissal much like  many Indian fans. Speed was livid at the dismissal and was heartbroken at not being able to watch Virat Kohli perform at his best. He was almost brought to tears. And started saying on camera nothing is going right in his life.


"You don't need to worry Virat I still love you. I hate it bro, I am having the worst life right now bro. This happening all the sh*t happening bruh.", said ishowspeed.

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Seeing speed devasted a lot of Indian fans around him tried to console him as one fan told him it's okay it happens to which speed replied, "It's not okay bro".


Luckily for a lot of Indian fans and speed their sadness was short lived as Jasprit Bumrah's sensational performance in the second innings meant that India ended up defending a total of 120 against Pakistan. Ishowspeed was seen celebrating at the end of contest.


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