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‘I’m really sad…’- Cristiano Ronaldo apologizes as Al-Nassr cancels China tour over forward's injury

Cristiano Ronaldo apologizes for missing Al-Nassr's China tour due to a calf injury, impacting Shanghai Shenhua fixture. Concerns remain for upcoming matches.

Reported by: Aryan Suraj Chadha
Cristiano Ronaldo injury | Image:AP

Cristiano Ronaldo announced on Tuesday that he will not be able to play in the China tour of Al-Nassr’s friendly matches ahead of their competitive football in the month of February.  Shanghai Shenhua's fixture against Al-Nassr has been suddenly cancelled due to Ronaldo's injury. Fans and teams are disappointed by the unforeseen change in plans.  

3 things you need to know 

  • Cristiano Ronaldo is reported to have suffered a calf injury 
  • Al-Nassr’s tour of China has been cancelled 
  • Ronaldo’s presence in Al-Nassr’s match against Inter Miami remains doubtful

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Cristiano Ronaldo issues a public apology to fans in China

Cristiano Ronaldo has openly expressed sadness about the cancellation of Al-Nassr's two-game trip to China, which was prompted by his recent injury.


The Portuguese football legend is now struggling with a muscular problem that would have precluded him from playing in planned matches against Shanghai Shenhua and Zheijang. Given Ronaldo's incapacity to demonstrate his abilities to the public, the decision has been made to postpone these friendly games and reschedule them at a later date.

Looking ahead, there are worries that Ronaldo, who scored 54 goals for Al-Nassr and Portugal in 2023, will be sidelined for a few weeks. If this scenario plays out, he might miss a highly anticipated match against Lionel Messi when Inter Miami flies to Saudi Arabia for the Riyadh Cup. Showcasing his sadness, Cristiano Ronaldo said: 


“As you know, in football some things you cannot control. I have played 22 years in football and I am a player that doesn’t have too many injuries. So I’m really sad because Al-Nassr and myself have come to China to enjoy the tour. I have been coming to China since 2003/2004, so I feel at home here – my second home. I felt that I am always special here. I feel sad. I know you are sad too, especially the people who love Cristiano, but we have to see this in a good way. We have not cancelled the game, we want to push for the game and be back here. We will be back. Unfortunately, I have some problem, but this is part of football and my life. I’m here, I’m with the fans, I’m with the Chinese people and we are going to continue here. We can see outside the people that are with us. We are sad because we knew this could happen. We will be back to make the Chinese people happy, this is my goal. I want to play for you. Don’t be sad because I am sad and I hope you understand the circumstances of a football player.”

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What’s next in Al-Nassr’s schedule?

Taking advantage of a mid-season break, Al-Nassr had initially planned a trip to China. But unanticipated events—like Cristiano Ronaldo's injury—have forced them to make changes to their program. The squad was originally scheduled to play Inter Miami and Lionel Messi on February 1 and then Al-Hilal a week later. They then have a match against Al Feiha in the AFC Champions League on February 14 to restart competitive action. But it is still highly doubtful whether Ronaldo will play in the friendly matches. 


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