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'Mbappe started to feel excluded, most of PSG team spoke Spanish': Neymar agrees to damning report

Neymar exposes Kylian Mbappe's ego in escalating PSG exit saga, intensifying tension within the club's atmosphere ahead of Mbappe's potential departure.

Reported by: Aryan Suraj Chadha
Neymar and Mbappe | Image:AP

Kylian Mbappe has recently been in the spotlight of the media after reports emerged that the Frenchman will leave PSG at the end of the season for Real Madrid to finish one of the biggest transfer sagas in football. Mbappe’s time with PSG is nearing a conclusion, and the star forward has been a star performer for the club, he had the privilege to play with big names like Neymar, Lionel Messi, Sergio Ramos and more. However, his relationship with the big names at the club was as good as the fans expected. 

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Neymar aims to dig at Kylian Mbappe by liking a controversial post regarding the Frenchman

Recently, Neymar responded to a social media post that raised questions about the Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) forward's behaviour, seemingly expressing his displeasure with Mbappe's actions.


The message suggested that Mbappe's mindset was causing problems at the Parc des Princes and came from the Brazilian Instagram account Jogada Ensaiada. By responding to the post, Neymar gave the impression that he agreed with its message and supported it. According to the GOAL,: 

"No player should be bigger than the institution."

According to GOAL, the social media post went into detail about how Mbappe's activities were negatively affecting the team environment. According to the post: 

“PSG, an example of football management. They knew how to bring together the best players and had the best team on the planet. When the team started to do well, the ego of a 'certain Frenchman' began to disturbed the atmosphere. Mbappe started to feel excluded, most of the team members spoke Spanish and he threatened to leave.”

"To not lose his precious, PSG started selling those who did not were not aligned with Mbappe's thoughts and brought in the French players he wanted. After doing everything to make everything go his way, Mbappe communicated to PSG that he would leave the club for free at the end of the season. And in the end, this is what remains at PSG."

Neymar likes a controversial post regarding Mbappe, (Image/jogadaensaaiada)

Neymar's approval of the piece implies that he agrees with Jogada Ensaiada's claims, particularly after the Brazilian left PSG for Al-Hilal last summer. Neymar is currently going through a recovery process for his ACL injury, which he suffered during international duty in October 2023. Mbappe is likely to join the Spanish giants at the end of the season. 


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