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Neymar finally responds to being called 'FAT' by critics, but makes 'OVERWEIGHT' admission

The Brazilian star winger Neymar denies being fat, responding to critics' comments about his weight on social media after being trolled for his inactivity.

Reported by: Aryan Suraj Chadha
Neymar Jr | Image:Neymar Jr/X.com

Neymar has been out of action in competitive football ever since he suffered an injury during the international break in October 2023. The Brazillian winger is likely to be seen in action after almost 6 months as he tore his ACL and is on his journey to recovery. Neymar has recently been involved in the trolling, as the player has seemed to gain weight.

3 things you need to know

  • Neymar tore his ACL against Uruguay in October 2023 
  • Neymar’s 2023-24 season is over 
  • Neymar is anticipated to be back on the pitch after June 

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Neymar responds to his haters calling him ’fat’ 

In response to social media critics who labelled him overweight, Neymar Jr. proudly displayed his muscular figure in an Instagram video. The Brazilian football sensation responded directly to the criticism, stating that, while he has gained weight, he is far from out of shape.


In the video, taken after a personal training session, Neymar boldly flaunts his core muscles, showcasing his dedication to maintaining his fitness levels. His attitude is strong as he rejects the idea that he is "paunchy" and declares his commitment to his physical training. Neymar’s story when translated, said: 

"Okay, overweight. But fat? I don't think so! Take it, haters! Give it up or run away!"

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What happened to Neymar?

The Al-Hilal star has had several hurdles in his recuperation from an anterior cruciate ligament injury sustained during Brazil's World Cup qualifier against Uruguay last October. The injury has kept him off the pitch for a lengthy period of time, during which he has experienced significant bodily alterations.


Neymar's attendance at Romario's 58th birthday celebration drew attention since he looked to have gained weight. Fans were disappointed to see the 31-year-old football player appear out of shape, prompting questions about his fitness regimen during his time away from professional play.

The Brazillian has battled injuries throughout his career, missing around 200 games over the course of ten seasons. This reoccurring condition has clearly hampered his ability to meet the tremendous expectations placed upon him, especially as he approaches his 32nd birthday next week.


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