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Will Real Madrid pay tribute to one of their legends in their next match at the Santiago Bernabéu?

There is a high possibility of Real Madrid paying tribute to a legend at the Santiago Bernabéu in their next La Liga match at the Santiago Bernabéu.

Reported by: Aryan Suraj Chadha
Real Madrid players celebrating a goal | Image:AP

In a highly anticipated matchup, Real Madrid will face Sevilla at Santiago Bernabéu on Monday, 26 February, at 1:30 am. With an impressive run in the league so far, Real Madrid is poised to maintain their position at the top of the La Liga standings. Sevilla is prepared to showcase their resilience and determination, aiming to challenge the home team's dominance. Both clubs have displayed consistent performance in their recent matches, promising an engaging and competitive fixture. This clash is set to be an enthralling display of skill and strategy.

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Will Real Madrid pay tribute to ‌club legend Sergio Ramos at the Santiago Bernabéu? 

This approaching La Liga match between Real Madrid and Sevilla is historic since it will be Sergio Ramos' first visit back to the Santiago Bernabeu since he left the team in 2021. According to reports from The Athletic, the Carlo Ancelotti-managed side are preparing to honour the renowned centre-back before the start of the eagerly awaited game.


Ramos became a Real Madrid hero after joining the team in 2005 and serving as its one of the most key players in the history of the club for 16 years. The 2010 World Cup champion led his team to an incredible 22 titles in his six seasons as captain when he was based in Madrid, he is known for his defending along with Pepe and Marcelo.

Real Madrid has decided to show its appreciation for Ramos on his return to the Bernabeu following an almost three-year absence. To honour Ramos's legacy without overshadowing the competitive nature of the match, the management has chosen to pay a quick and polite homage, keeping in mind Sevilla, their opponents.

After an absence of two years from La Liga with Paris Saint-Germain, the 37-year-old defence veteran recently made a heartfelt return to his childhood club, Sevilla. Despite being older, Sergio Ramos has been a significant player for the Seville side this season, appearing in 24 appearances across all competitions. He has five goals and one assist in his time on the pitch, which is remarkable.


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Intriguingly, Ramos has an unblemished record against his old team, Real Madrid, with two draws and one triumph. The most recent meeting between Ramos and his former teammates took place in October 2023, resulting in a draw that demonstrated his continuing skill on the pitch.


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