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UFC icon Mark Coleman hospitalized, in critical state after saving his parents from Ohio House Fire

UFC Hall of Famer Mark Coleman has been hospitalized after he suffered severe smoke inhalation while sacing his parents and dog UFC le, who sadly passed away.

Reported by: Pavitra Shome
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UFC Hall of Famer Mark Coleman is currently going through a very rough phase as he is hospitalized at a medical facility. The striker is one of the finest hitters to grace the octagon and has won championships in his reign. But Coleman is currently battling for his life after he sustained severe burns throughout his body when he attempted to save his parents when their house caught fire. Things have turned worse for the Hall of Fame striker as he battles for his life while at the hospital.

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UFC Hall of Famer Mark Coleman critical, battling for life in the hospital 

Former MMA striker Mark Coleman was hospitalized on Tuesday after he suffered burns due to an Ohio House fire. The striker's daughter, Morgan Coleman, revealed that he was airlifted to a nearby medical facility in Toledo after attempting to save the family's dog Hammer, which died as a result of the fire. Coleman had already moved both of his parents out from their burning home in Fremont. Coleman's exact status is unknown, however, photographs of him intubated in the ICU have been circulated on social media by his close friends.


According to sources, a fire broke out in the early hours of Tuesday, March 12, 2024, at a Fremont, Ohio residence. The Ballville Volunteer Fire Department, assisted by seven other fire companies, arrived at the scene around 4:00 a.m. But before it became a blistering blaze, Mark Coleman and his parents were peacefully asleep inside. His dog, Hammer, alerted Coleman to the fire, and the former fighter rushed to rescue.


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Coleman moved his father outside for safety and dashed back into the flaming house to save his mother, who had suffered slight burns and had her hair entirely scorched. He was able to rescue them out of danger, although at the expense of some personal injury. Mark Colman returned to save Hammer. But he passed unconscious after entering the burning house for the third time in an attempt to save Hammer. When the police came, they flew him to the nearest hospital after he had suffered severe smoke inhalation.


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