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'I do not know how much time I have left': John Cena shares a critical update on his WWE career

John Cena appeared on a special retrospective edition of WWE SmackDown and addressed concerns regarding what lies ahead in the WWE in a thank you message.

Reported by: Pavitra Shome
John Cena | Image: WWE (Screengrab)

The WWE fans have serenaded the return of John Cena as the Greatest of All Time made his return on the promotion during the 2023 SAG-AFTRA strike. The wrestler-turned-actor utilized his time and did what he loves to do: Entertain the WWE Universe. Cena also made a WrestleMania appearance and made his last appearance at the Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia. The 16-time World Champion recently appeared on WWE TV and shared a big update on his wrestling career.

3 Things you need to know

  • John Cena is a 16-time World Champion
  • Cena wrestled his last match against Solo Sikoa at Crown Jewel
  • The 16-time World Champion shared a big update on his wrestling career. 

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John Cena appears on WWE TV, shares viral career update 

16-time World Champion John Cena made his appearance this week and opened up on his future with the wrestling promotion. While he agreed that he may not have a lot of time in the WWE, Cena applauds the fans' reception and respect.


“A toast to the WWE Universe for making my 2023. As you know, I was able to return to SmackDown in the fall and the reception and the respect I will never forget. I do not know how much time in the WWE I have left but I do know in recent times when I’ve been able to return home you have always welcomed me as one of your own. I am forever indebted to your generosity, your empathy, your respect, and your excitement. I look forward to the next time we can get together but I wanted to take a moment to truly say thank you for making this a wonderful year for me and for my family. To the WWE Universe. Until the next round, cheers!” Cena said on WWE TV.

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While Cena made appearances on SmackDown, he made his in-ring return while teaming up against LA Knight at Fastlane to clash against The Bloodline's Jimmy Uso and Solo Sikoa. He made his final appearance at the Crown Jewel after losing to Sikoa, who hit him with several Samoan Spikes.


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