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Recently released WWE talent Matt Riddle expresses why he is satisfied with his exit from the brand

Matt Riddle reveals that he is happy with his release from the WWE and competing in the Indies despite him having success in the wrestling promotion.

Reported by: Pavitra Shome
Matt Riddle | Image: WWE

Matt Riddle was on a significant rise in his run with the WWE, as he was touted as a rapidly rising star with an incredible skillset due to his MMA background. However, the former UFC striker often landed in trouble. His latest airport antics led to his departure from WWE as they released them from the wrestling promotion. Since then, Riddle has been making rounds in the independent wrestling circuit. The former WWE US Champ recently opened up on his release from WWE and expressed how lucky he is after they laid him off.  

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Matt Riddle looks content after his WWE release and deems it as a blessing in disguise 

Mat Riddle recently made an appearance on the 'MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani' where he touched upon multiple subjects. Riddle stated that his WWE departure came at the right time since he was already struggling to keep up with the wrestling promotion's schedule. Riddle just had a child with adult film star Misha Montana, allowing him to spend more time with his children.


"With the WWE schedule, it's a lot. It's four days a week, non-stop traveling, and you're never home. It's very rough."

Matt Riddle makes his entrance at WWE's Extreme Rules Premium Live Event with special guest referee Daniel Cormier standing at the side of the ring | Image: WWE

Riddle commented on the event involving a police officer at JFK airport that led to his release. While the Original Bro admitted that he had been pushing excessively at the time, he also accepted responsibility for the situation. Riddle further dismissed any idea that the WWE/UFC union had a role in his release, claiming that he had just lost his worth.


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"I talked to Internal Affairs, I talked to the FBI, I'm not in trouble. I'm not gonna go into details with the situation because they asked me not to unless I wanted to press charges. If I wouldn't have had a couple of drinks I wouldn't have put myself in that situation and I wouldn't have been there.


"It was a complete business move. Think for the most part it was a money thing. I think maybe my value went down, and for the amount they were still paying me? I honestly think that played [the] bigger factor in anything," he added.

The Original Bro has made appearances in promotions like NJPW and MLW and has been like an unstoppable force. Riddle is currently the reigning NJPW World Television Champion, and he is aiming for more title wins as he tours around the independent zone.


Published March 3rd, 2024 at 13:23 IST