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THE ROCK AND JOHN CENA REUNITE! Special backstage moment at the Oscars sets the internet ablaze

A classic WWE reunion takes place as former champions, The Rock and John Cena share a hearty moment at the Oscars 2024 ceremony.

Reported by: Pavitra Shome
The Rock & John Cena at the Oscars 2024 | Image: X

John Cena and the Rock has one of the most outstanding rivalries that had every fan engaged to the core. Both wrestlers have been the primary members when WWE was on a meteoric rise. Cena, the perfect babyface, is a 16-time Champion and one of the greatest of all time. On the other hand, The Rock is engaged in the storyline of the Bloodline against Cody Rhodes, which leads to WrestleManiaXL in Philadelphia. Both wrestlers got to meet at the Oscars, and the image of their meet-up has sparked a frenzy among the wrestling fans.

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The Rock and a 'Naked' John Cena meet backstage at the 2024 Oscars

The 2024 Oscars saw stars like Cillian Murphy, Robert Downey Jr, and Christopher Nolan, among other celebrities receiving the Academy Award for their exceptional performance. But what caught the eyes of the wrestling fans was The Rock and John Cena, who were seen at the event. In an image that has been going viral all over social media, both WWE legends were seen interacting with each other while being backstage. Moreover, hip-hop/rap sensation and celebrity wrestler Bad Bunny was also in the image. 


Interestingly, John Cena came out naked to announce the Best Costume Design award. Jimmy Kimmel introduced John Cena as the category's presenter when the wrestler walked bare on stage. The 15-time WWE champion was apprehensive to appear, but Kimmel convinced him to do so. Cena partially covered himself with an envelope containing the name of the award recipient. He eventually got draped with a curtain-like apparel. The incident is said to be a reference to a 50-year-old occurrence in which an actual streaker disrupted the 1974 Oscars telecast.


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In WWE, John Cena and The Rock met while being backstage during a SmackDown event. The Rock popped in as a surprise element when Austin Theory confronted Pat McAfee. Both WWE icons shared a hug and had a slight conversation before parting ways. It was one of the most cheered scenes as the WWE Universe went wild after watching the moment. 


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