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ACNH Guide: Here's a complete May Day Maze Walkthrough to help the players

ACNH players have recently been asking for a May Day Maze Walkthrough to complete the event. So we have listed all the information we have about the same. Read

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ACNH has been one of the most popular real-world simulation games of all time. The makers have now added a May Day Maze to the game and the players are curious about it. They are trying to find a complete May Day Maze walkthrough to help them out. Thus here is our May Day Maze walkthrough that can help these players get through this event. 

May Day Maze Walkthrough

After getting in the May Day tour event, the first thing the players are required to do is dig the bush & tree with a shovel. Dig the bush that has fruit on it. After digging it, the players are then required to pick the piece of fruit, eat it, and then dig up the tree that is left. After all the above-mentioned steps, players are required to visit multiple new areas of the maze. They will first need to pick up a total of 2 Wood from the center area. Then they need to start moving towards the right side of the maze and jump over the water gap. After that, they will see a total of  2 fruits near a rock, pick them up.

Walk back to the maze and dig a bush in your path. Then they will need to pick up 1 Softwood and make a ladder with the same. Go back to the same place before to pick up 2 Hardwood. After that, they are required to eat 1 fruit and dig up the tree. They need to start moving towards the left side to collect all the things required to build the ladder. Collect all the materials from the map and craft a ladder on the workbench. Then climb on the ladder holding a toolbox item. Pick up the Worn Axe from the cliff and return to the right side of the map. There you will be able to spot a tree, chop it down and pick up 2 Fruits. Then meet Rover and complete the May Day maze. 

The players have also been asking about how to restart May Day Maze. The players can do that easily by opening up their NookPhone. Then they will need to launch the Rescue Service app with the helicopter icon. With just a small amount of 100 Nook Miles, Resetti’s rescue crew will help you restart the ACNH May Day Maze. Using this will bring you back to the start of the island. We have also taken a Yoututbe video that can help you show how to restart May Day Maze. This popular event started on April 29th, 2021, and is currently planned to be live till May 7th, 2021. It is not available for the 1.10 version of the game and requires the latest update to be done. 

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Published May 4th, 2021 at 20:22 IST