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8 Apps Like Photomath To Make Learning And Homework Exciting

Learning apps like photomath help people master a topic in the comfort of their place, time and pace. Here are 8 great apps that make studying fun.

apps like photomath

Anyone would agree that education should be accessible to everyone. Thankfully, apps like Photomath have made learning approachable for every single person. These apps enable you to master any subject in the comfort of your pace, place and time. Below are exceptional apps to learn maths and other subjects. These are also some cool apps to help with homework.

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8 Apps Like Photomath To Help With Homework

  • Microsoft Math Solver
  • Brilliant
  • Mathway
  • Socratic
  • Brainly
  • Khan Academy
  • Cymath
  • Toppr

Microsoft Math Solver

apps like photomath

First in the list of apps like Photomath is Microsoft Math Solve. All you need to do is click a picture of the sum or type it. The app will give the solution in the form of whole numbers, fractions or graphs. It also shows the step-by-step process for each sum and gives an audio explanation. It mimics a personal tutor. It stores your sums and gives quizzes based on them. It is a great app to both learn and revise for exams.

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Targeting everyone from "ages 10 through 110", Brilliant is an interactive learning app. The app's endless supply of great resources and experts mean education never has to stop for you. Brilliant also tests you every week. The questions are always unique. Brilliant not only prides itself in training people in a course, it also prides itself in developing the learner's problem-solving abilities. Android users should have android version 4.1+ for downloading the app. For Apple users, Brilliant has a monthly plan priced at $24.99 and an annual at $119.99.



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From the simplest to the hardest sums, Mathway helps its users to solve it all. Like Microsoft Math Solver, this app also provides the steps used to get the final answer. The app guides you in solving different types of problems. These include vectors, trigonometry, arithmetics and more. Described as a homework app, it is suitable for students of all grades. It is one of the highest-rated apps to learn maths. 


Socratic is an educational app by Google. The app is not only for maths but other subjects too. Snap a picture or read out the question and the app will explain it. Socratic has joined with professionals in the field to give its users the best resources. Students can currently use it to learn science, maths, history, literature. 

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Like Socratic even Brainly prepares its users in many subjects.  It is perfect for anyone who prefers an interactive learning environment. It does not solve the problems. Instead, it sends your questions to other students. They will send you the answers. Although the process sounds time-consuming, it is much faster. You will get your answers quickly. Brainly awards you when you solve someone else's problem. It even has experts explaining the lessons.

Khan Academy


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What makes this app different is it goes beyond your regular subjects. It teaches indoor and outdoor extracurricular activities too. It is also an amazing place to practise and revise through tests. It targets every single person who wishes to learn something. Besides, Khan Academy also has an offline learning feature. When you finish learning something, the app will suggest what you can learn next.


Cymath is another educational app that trains you in mathematics exclusively. It is one of the apps to help with homework. Type in the sum or click a photo of the sum, the app will show you the process and the solution. Cymath covers a wide range of topics. These include exponents, polynomial division, quadratic equations and more.



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Defined as "as one of the best doubt-solving apps", Toppr is a virtual learning app. It clears all your doubts instantly. The app is full of educational lecture videos taught by professionals. The videos are available in both English and Hindi. Toppr also helps you prepare for entrance exams with the use of past papers. Although the free version has some resources, you should pay to enjoy all its benefits. There are different types of subscriptions based on your level of education.

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