A Simple Guide To De-linking Your Unusable Cards From Google Pay


Payment wallet apps like Google Pay have made it easier to send/receive money. This article throws light on how you can remove your card from the Google Pay.

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Online payment applications like Google Pay make it much easier to complete transactions through any smartphone. Since managing a Google Pay account is as simple as linking a debit or credit card to it, the process of sending and receiving payments becomes conducive. One need not wait to procure cash to carry on with their regular transactions; they can do it easily via their phones.

However, the credit card linked with the Google Pay account may become inaccessible at times- for example, the card may get stolen or blocked or expired. In such circumstances, it is imperative for the user to remove their card from their Google Pay account. If one is unaware of how to remove the card from Google Pay, one can follow the instructions given below.

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Best Method to Remove Card from Google Pay

Removing the card through the Google Pay website

For this, one must

  • Open Google Pay on a New Tab
  • Sign in with the ID and password that they use for all their Google accounts, including Google Pay.
  • On the left-hand side of the panel, an option called Payment Methods will be visible. Clicking on that will make all the credit cards and debit cards linked with the account visible.
  • Select the card to be removed, and press on the remove option beside it.
  • Click on OK or Remove when a confirmation message appears.
  • The card will be deleted from the account.

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Removing a card from Google Pay using the app

To do this, one must:

  • Launch the Google Pay app on their Android phones. This app can also be downloaded from Google Play and is an easy way to access the Google wallet when one is on the move.
  • Input the PIN that was given when the user used Google Pay for the first time. This step is required for security reasons in order to ensure that it is the user who is trying to access the account.
  • In case the user does not remember the PIN, they can recover it from the Google Support website.
  • Click on the Credit and Debit cards option. This will reveal all the credit cards and debit cards associated with the Google Pay account.
  • Select on the card that needs to be deleted and click on the Remove option.
  • Click on OK when the confirmation inquiry appears.

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If one faces any trouble deleting the desired card in this manner, the user can contact Google Pay customer care on the Help Centre of the app. Once the card is removed, you can substitute it with another card if you intend to continue using the Google Pay app for online payments. The process is similar to what you would have done the first time round while using this app.

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