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Apps Like Cash App: 7 Alternatives To Manage All Your Finances In One App

Thanks to money apps like Cash App, internet banking is much simpler and faster now. Click to find other apps that let you manage all your finances easily.

apps like cash app

Ranking number two on App Store and Google Play, Cash App is one of the best money apps in the market. It has features like free personalised debit cards, special discounts and stock investment.

While these make this cash app enough for some users, the app has its limitations. For instance, users can only make payments within the US and to the UK. There are other money apps like cash app to choose from while making international payments or cashing out in advance. 

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Money Apps like Cash App

  • Paypal
  • Transferwise
  • Paysend
  • Earnin
  • Google Pay
  • Chime
  • Revolut


apps like cash app

Paypal offers two types of accounts: personal and business. The first one is for personal use. The latter – business account – has more benefits. It lets its users create invoices and pay buttons to receive payments. These make the app much suited in a business setting. Users can make international payments but there are extra charges for it. In some countries, Paypal automatically transfers the cash from your Paypal wallet to your bank account.

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TransferWise is cost-efficient when making payments abroad. It uses the real exchange rate and charges no fees. It lets its users have many currencies in one account. Users can use their TransferWise debit Mastercard to make payments at international locations. There is no worry about added charges. That is why this app is perfect for ex-pats and locals who want to make international payments. Moreover, it is user friendly.


Like TransferWise, even Paysend is an amazing choice while making international payments. The sending fee is low. It does not charge anything when you transfer funds to your bank account –  even to a foreign bank. This cash app sends the money to the receiver as soon as you start the payment. It is quick and hassle-free. Paysend also has an option to send money from one card to another but the app charges a fixed rate of $2.



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Like most loan apps, Earnin is a cash advance app that doubles as a budgeting app. Users can borrow up to $100 every day. It adds earnings to your account according to your working hours. That way you won't cash out money more than what you can pay. Earnin also encourages you to save money. It promises you an opportunity to win a cash prize of $10 million for every $10 you put in the app's savings jar.

Google Pay

From paying to requesting funds, Google Pay makes money transfer simple. All you need is either the recipient’s phone number, QR code or UPI id. The app's double authentication  –  GPay pin and UPI pin  –  makes the app secure. The app rewards its users either a discount coupon or some cash to their Google Pay wallet when making payments. But, this is according to luck. Google Pay also helps people to manage their finances.

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Chime is one of the highest-rated loan apps. It also acts as a budgeting app. This cash advance app lets users get their salary before two days. Unlike Google Play that adds money directly to your bank account, Chime adds the money to your Chime Spending Account. When you register for the app's SpotMe feature, the app covers overdraft payments up to $100. You should get $500 in your account every month to be eligible for it.


Manage finances, make payments both local and international, buy cryptocurrencies and travel insurance. Do it all using the all-in-one finance app Revolut. The app's use of the actual exchange rate makes international payments cheap. The app also tracks and analyses your spending. It lets you set a budget for yourself thus helping save money. You can also freeze the card or stop any kind of payments within the app itself. As doing it is easy and fast, the cash app is safe to use.

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