As Call Of Duty Mobile Seemingly Expands In India, Has The Game Unlocked For You Now 

Written By Rahul R | Mumbai | Published:


  • Call of Duty Mobile's closed beta is available to only select pre registrations
  • Have you registered as a beta tester of Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile, aka Call of Duty Mobile, is expanding in India as a closed beta that requires pre-registration. This follows the earlier rollout of Call of Duty Mobile that represented the beginning of seeding of potentially the most expected mobile game of the year. If you have pre-registered to test the closed beta of Call of Duty Mobile, do check your Google Android and Apple iOS phones now.  

As per Call of Duty: Mobile gamers on multiple forums, the Call of Duty: Mobile beta could now be on an extended rollout path despite this being a limited-scale closes beta test of the game. This means that you would receive the Call of Duty Mobile beta official download links only if the technical folks behind the game think that you are eligible after you have pre-registered. Loyalty to Call of Duty games could also help here. If you think that you are an avid Call of Duty loyalist having continuously pre-registered as beta testers earlier (even on consoles), you may potentially receive the download links for the title’s mobile version soon.  

Now, with Call of Duty Mobile also slated to go live (as a beta of course) in other countries outside of India, the global rollout could be imminent so is the public rollout of the action-adventure-survival game. In this regard, there is also good news in case you are on iOS devices, this has everything to do with the important dual shock 4 controllers being supported by Apple's iOS 13 operating system. This compatibility would seed from Fall 2019. Hence, you would also very soon be able to play Call of Duty Mobile on your iPhones by interfacing the Dual Shock 4.  

In case you have received the official download links to test the closed beta of Call of Duty Mobile, do explore the game and let us know how you felt.  

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