Battlefield 5 Has A Secret Easter Egg In-Game, Finders Get A Guided Tour Of EA Dice, Plus Many More Rewards


Battlefield 5 could have an undiscovered Easter egg. Detecting this in-game and documenting it could also enable you to win a huge reward.

Written By Rahul R | Mumbai | Updated On:

Battlefield 5, the first person shooter (FPS) title that is currently active for Microsoft Xbox One, Windows PC, and Sony PlayStation 4 (PS4) platforms, could have an undiscovered easter egg.  Detecting this in the game and documenting it could also enable you to win a huge reward.

As per Niklas Astrand who is one of the brains behind popular EA Dice’s Battlefield series of games and who has also shared information pointing towards a hidden easter egg, there is a secret egg that deserves to be explored, deserved, and documented. In this tweet, Astrand makes, the incorporation of an easter egg into the game, official, and this is reportedly has taken place during January 2019.

Astrand’s tweet, currently present in his Twitter timeline also mentions about the reward that gamers finding the hidden easter egg would receive upon achievement. This is a private guided tour (by Niklas Astrand) of the Stockholm Office of DICE. You could also take a companion along with you and get to experience Battlefield 5 from close quarters.

To unlock this privilege, you should be absolutely the first to find the easter egg, record a video of the same, and share it to Astrand (through social channels). These rewards also include a giveaway of the Battlefield 5 title as well as getting to interact with the developers personally.

There are apparent hints as well

Astrand has also shared, what seems to be a hint, in the form of images on Twitter that look like they could be considered as a hint to finding that secret easter egg. Check out these image below:


Hence, you could put on your exploration hats and search for the secret easter eggs. If you think you have got more hints, or the exact easter egg, do share with us (whilst you also do the same with Niklas Astrand).

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