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Does Facebook Notify When You Screenshot A Story Or Post? Know Details

Does Facebook notify when you screenshot a story or a post? Here is everything you need to know about screenshot notifications and how they work. Read.

does facebook notify when you screenshot

Facebook has been one of the leading social media platforms for a while now. However, other social media platforms such as Snapchat, Hike and TikTok are giving a tough competition to Facebook with recent updates, most notably the screenshot notifications. Snapchat and Instagram apps provide a feature where a person gets notified if anyone takes a screenshot of the picture sent or uploaded on the story.

Although Instagram only gives you a notification if someone has taken a screenshot of the image sent to them privately, Snapchat gives a prompt notification for everything. This means Snapchat users receive screenshot notifications whenever a screenshot is taken, whether it is the image sent to someone privately or uploaded on the story. However, many people have been wondering if the Facebook app can send notifications to users when someone takes a screenshot of the story. Read here to find out. 

Does Facebook notify when you screenshot a story or a post?

Facebook is a tech giant with several digital communication platforms such as Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp which enables its millions of users to chat and scroll through feed effectively. Even though Facebook has been on the block for a while now, it's facing tough competition from Snapchat, and the two apps have a completely different interface. Snapchat is based on snaps, streaks, selfies, cameras, filters, and more and it was started as a selfie sharing social media application.

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The Snapchat app requires access to camera and microphone mandatorily; however, the PC version of the social site cannot function as the mobile app. To provide a screenshot notification feature similar to Snapchat is currently impossible for the social media supergiant as people can take a screengrab or snip from their PCs and it is hard to tackle such technological hacks. This is why Facebook does not and currently cannot have a feature that notifies a user whenever someone takes a screenshot of a Facebook story, post, or shared images.

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Apart from this, Facebook bought almost 10% stake in Reliance Jio not so long ago and this deal is considered to be amongst the biggest deals of the year 2020. It is expected to create numerous opportunities for several organisations especially the Grocery stores and online payments apps with its new announcement the "Facebook Shops." Besides that, Facebook-owned messenger app, WhatsApp is soon going to introduce WhatsApp Pay which is expected to break all the barriers of online transactions and bill payments.

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