Google Datally App That Wanted To Save Data Couldn't Save Itself


Google Datally, the app that wanted to save your mobile data, couldn't save itself, sadly. Released in 2017, Datally joins the list of failed Google apps.

Written By Tanmay Patange | Mumbai | Updated On:

Yet another Google product meets an untimely death. Google Datally, the app that wanted to save your mobile data, couldn't save itself, sadly. According to Android Police report, the app has been removed from Google Play Store without any prior notification. This comes as no surprise because Google is a master at killing off its own apps that don't fly (in other words,  unsuccessful apps).

Google has a long list of apps under its portfolio and some of these apps are extremely popular. For example, Maps, YouTube or fairly new Google Pay (previously Tez) are some of the highly popular Google apps out there. But not everything that Google does or launches is equally popular. In fact, Google has had so many apps that failed to stand out. In the past, Google has pulled the plug on Hangouts (Classic), Inbox by Gmail, Allo and Google+ for the same reason.

Now, Datally joins the list of failed Google apps. To recall, Datally was launched in November 2017. Google launched Datally to help users manage data usage on their smartphones.

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It used to show how much data each app is consuming and at what time. It also used to recommend users to shut off data based on their usage activity and in some cases, suggest open public Wi-Fi networks available nearby. There was also a dedicated tab to scan for Wi-Fi connections available nearby.

Why Datally wasn't helpful much

For one main reason, perhaps. In markets like India, data has become so cheap that users don't seem concerned about saving data anymore, thanks to Jio's entry in the Indian market. Data affordability could be primarily why users don't seem concerned about their data usage these days. Secondly, Datally wasn't marketed enough by Google. Perhaps, the limited use case scenarios could be another reason why Datally didn't stand out.

In Android, you can save data by limiting your usage. You can set data usage warning and limit in Settings. You can also restrict background data usage by app or turn off auto-sync.

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