Halloween Element Could Come To PUBG Mobile With Update 0.15.0


The Update 0.15.0 to PUBG Mobile has generated immense pre-release curiosity. There could be a new Halloween-themed element seeding within the Update.

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The Update 0.15.0 to PUBG Mobile has generated immense pre-release curiosity. In this regard, there could be yet another new aspect seeding with the Update 0.15.0 to PUBG Mobile. This has everything to do with Halloween, if a new tweet by PUBG Mobile is anything to go by. Very recently, aspects such as a Desert Eagle pistol and rocket launcher got confirmed as “seeing elements” within the Update 0.15.0. 

The new Halloween element in Update 0.15.0

Now, check out the below tweet by PUBG Mobile that seems to indicate the arrival of a new custom Halloween-styled element For the uninitiated, Update 0.15.0 would begin seeding on 16 October. This date is not very far away from now. It is now a matter of only a few hours before the update seeds to PUBG Mobile players across the world. Gauging what PUBG Mobile has hinted, regarding the Halloween-styled theme (could even be an outfit), it is clear that there could be something related to dressing up for players in-game. Hence, with Halloween season also here, it only makes sense to seed a Halloween-theme-based element to players of PUBG Mobile having installed Update 0.15.0. 




In related PUBG Mobile Update 0.15.0 news, the update would introduce a new rocket launcher, payload moe. The latter lets players work with by operating heavy machinery/weapons.  Players could also ride helicopters. Then, there is the most important ledge grab update that lets players jump from building to building and grab at these. This lets players explore potentialy new ways of enemy combat/destruction.

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