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PC Games That Are Considered Best Of The Decade, Ranked According To Number Of Copies Sold

Here is a list of PC Games that managed to get the title of best games of the decade 2009-2019. These games were selected on the basis of copies sold. Read more

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We all love to play PC games and is one of the most relaxing activities one can do. In the past decade, we have seen many new high-definition games release. So today, we have decided to rank the best PC games which have released over the past decade.

Ranking these games was not as easy as ranking movies as everyone has a different game which they love. The best PC games of 2010-2019 were selected on the basis of the number of copies they sold over the decade.

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Although the game released in 2009, this game has sold the most number of copies till date. This PC game has sold over 176 million copies and has about 112 million active users every month. The game was designed by a Swedish developer and was later purchased by Microsoft in 2014. It is loved by fans for the unique nature of the game.

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PlayerUnknown Battleground has sold over 60 million copies over the years it has been active. Owned by the Tencent group, the game has been loved for the fast and the active style of combat.

The idea which had started as a small project had become one of the highest played game on Steam. This PC game has been developing new maps and new modes to keep its fans busy. The game is still going strong.

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The fifth rendition in the Grand Auto Theft world was one of the most sold games over the years, selling over 60 million copies across platforms. This game was launched in 2013 and till date is one top of many charts due to the activities we can do in this game.

The online mode and the mission storyline with three protagonists and the life-like graphics make this game one of the best PC games of the decade. The next rendition of this PC game is one of the most awaited games currently. Only time will tell when the next version of the games is releasing.

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