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Play Minecraft Like A Pro With This Easy To Understand Beginner’s Guide

Minecraft is one of the most played games in the world, with more people joining and enriching its community. A new player can learn the basics in this guide.


Minecraft is a very popular online game in which players can find, mine, craft things, and use magic. The exciting aspect of Minecraft is that it allows players to create their own universe and be in control of the game. Yes, in Minecraft, one is not controlled by the gameplay. There are even options that allow experienced users to input their own coding into the existing structure of the game - something that no other game allows. These reasons could be exciting enough to motivate one to play the game. So, if one wants to learn how to play Minecraft, here are some of the tips that one can follow. 

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Purchase the game

To play Minecraft, one needs to purchase the game and then install it. Then, the game can be started by running the launcher downloaded from the Minecraft homepage. Then, one can start the game by going through the game’s menu and selecting the appropriate gameplay.

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Fill in additional details

Once the game has been launched, the new screen will open up. The user needs to fill in their name and password to log in. Then, the user will have to select the number of players that will be playing, the language of the game, and other options like sound, graphics, and mouse control.

The first game in Single-player mode

To start the first game in single-player mode, one can select the single-player option, and then proceed to click on the Create New World option to create their own customized world. The user will have the option of giving their own world a unique name. Next, they can select More Options to turn on game cheats to gain more control over the world they have built. The game cheats become more and more difficult as the user keeps clearing Minecraft levels.

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Selecting the correct mode

  • Minecraft offers a plethora of modes for its users.  
  • Survival mode: in this, the user is generated as a random character, and they need to survive by collecting and mining necessities.
  • Create mode: the user is provided with all the tools for survival, and they need to keep creating different worlds.
  • Adventure: users clear quests and missions to achieve an ultimate goal.
  • Spectator: the user is an invisible spectator who is just present to observe other worlds.
  • Hardcore: This is the hardest level of the survival mode, where the players can die permanently without revival.

Once one completes the Minecraft download and starts the game, they may be very stressed about their first time in the game. It is both exciting and nervous as the players have to fight to survive a day, get supplies and fend off attacks by mobs. With this, players can advance in the game in the mode of their choice.

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