PUBG Mobile 0.10.0 Update Global Beta: More Skins, Newer Parachutes, And Others Surface

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  • PUBG Mobile is rumoured to get the Vikendi SNow Map on December 24
  • Newer Skins and Parachutes have surfaced at this point in time

PUBG Mobile’s Update 0.10.0 is highly expected; USP of this update is that it is heavily rumoured to introduce Vikendi Snow Map, a custom snow weather, and new weapons. Now, as many as 95 skins said to be a part of PUBG Mobile 0.10.0 global beta update have surfaced.

Renowned YouTube gaming tipsters going by the monikers Derek G and HydraBeast have hinted that there could be a whopping 95 skins in Update 0.10.0:

  • Going by Derek G’s new YouTube video, it is evident that there could be a Chicken Grill skin offering a Chicken feet custom skill as well.  A full body swimming costume like suit has also surfaced.
  • Other predominant skins include a circus-clown-like costume, a more formal suit, and more.
  • There are multiple custom suits which are part of the speculated 95 skins. There are also animal dresses here.
  • Face masks, including weird halloween themes, could also be a part of the skins here. Multiple face masks are predominantly visible in the tipsters’ videos.

Newer parachutes are also showcased in the video; and going by what we already know; these could well be a reality within update 0.10.0 global beta to PUBG Mobile. Hence, gamers could check out the update right now.

As far as parachutes are concerned, a Chicken Dinner-themed parachute is also apparently in the offing.

At this juncture, Vikendi for PUBG Mobile could come from December 20. The  wider rollout of the global beta 0.10.0 update is expected to take place very soon. PUBG Mobile gamers could keep their eyes and ears open for newer enhancements within the 0.10.0 global beta. Also, PUBG for PS4 has already been made available for official purchase via the PlayStation Store; Vikendi for PS4 gamers would seed from January 19.

For Vikendi, it is a 6X6 map representing an island. In-game elements include snow-weather, a frozen river, newer weapons, and customized skins. Do share thoughts on what you would like to see.

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