PUBG Mobile Now Getting New BAPE In-game Clothing , Again

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  • New outfits now added to PUBG Mobile
  • Players could purchase the new BAPE outfits in-game

In a new collaboration, PUBG Mobile players can now choose BAPE Outfits. Gamers could purchase the new BAPE outfit pack which should introduce new clothing.

As per reports, the custom BAPE pack potentially introducing new outfits/clothing could be purchased for 3600 UC in-game currency. These new outfits comprise of shoes, shark pants, and a hoodie. Hence, if you are a PUBG player, you could check out the new BAPE outfits at the earliest and share thoughts/insights on the look and feel of your in-game character.,

Also, you could purchase the new BAPE outfits and capture the screenshots of your in-game character with the new outfits and share these on social media with the hashtag #pubgmobileoutfit. 

For new entrants, BAPE is a Japanese fashion brand that also has the moniker A Bathing Ape (BAPE). The latest collaboration marks teh second instance, with the first one taking place in October 2018 wherein a new hoodie, and other clothing-related content was introduced to PUBG Mobile. Now, players could check out the new content through a heuristic comparison between both the value-added enhancements.

At this juncture, it is worth noting that PUBG Mobile has been hit by the highly expected Vikendi Snow Map that introduces multiple newer in-game aspects along with a new custom snow weather mode that is playable. If you are a comparatively newer PUBG Mobile adapter, then check out below the in-game elements introduced by PUBG Mobile:

  • A brand new snow weather winter theme that could be accessible from the main Menu. You could check this out as soon as you launch the game.
  • Newer firearm upgrade process: You should now be able to explore new materials in the lab which you could potentially use to upgrade weapon finishes, and to unlock new aspects viz custom kill effects, death crate appearances, and custom broadcasts.
  • Improvements in UI: In case you are of the opinion that the current-gen in-game layout is lame, then Vikendi seemingly addresses this “issue” you have lots to cheer about as Vikendi comes with a new interface that  now displays the best Crew Challenge results of players updated with the ability to manually collect daily mission awards.
  • Better cheating recognition and reporting mechanism::You should be able to better indicate in-game cheating via newer reporting options.
  • New vehicle to combat and navigate the snow weather; this automobile is called the snowmobile. There is also the new snowball fighting added on the spawn island.

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