Vikendi For PUBG: How To Use New Parachutes, And Newer Features?

Written By Rahul R | Mumbai | Published:


  • PUBG Update 24 introduces Vikendi Snow Map
  • Check out new parachutes in Update 24 in the Vikendi Snow Map

PUBG which has recently got the Update 24 treatment in the form of the game’s test servers holding the actual update, can now be checked out by gamers across the world.  The Update 24 patch introduces the all important Vikendi Snow Map that brings with it multiple new elements such as a custom snow weather, new vehicle,s skins, and weapons.

Vikendi Snow Map for PUBG introduces a new parachute system, snow weather, new weapons, and more. The Vikendi Snow Map, part of update 24 for PUBG is now live on the game's test servers.

Along with these, there is also the new parachute system. In case you have managed to check out the game on the test servers, you would obviously have noticed newer elements in the game. Hence, in a bid to help gamers gain a foothold on the new Vikendi Snow Map, it is vital that the newer aspects (introduced by Vikendi Snow Map) are properly explored. To start off with, it is the new parachute system.

Now, renowned YouTube game tipster going by the moniker Slick has detailed effective tips to land properly and faster with the new parachutes in the Snow Map. Check these out below:

  • In-game elements such as freefalling, paragliding, and using parachutes has been revamped. Press  and hold shift key to indulge in relatively faster free falling. You could also old left shift (or the key for sprinting) and then check out freefalling.
  • Press control/key you used to trigger walk; to glide relatively smoothly.
  • Your parachute is taken off dynamically; thereby potentially sparing you from once again pressing the F key; here, you are freed from your parachute. Gamers could potentially check these out multiple times, and subject the feature to tests.
  • Press shift while gliding, to glide comparatively faster.
  • When you land, after parachuting, your in-game character rolls automatically and then picks up. This is to cut momentum (from parachuting) and eliminate bodily damage risks.

At this point in time, Vikendi for PC comes to PUBG game servers from December 19; the snow map is slated to hit Sony PS4 and Microsoft Xbox One consoles from January 19. PUBG Mobile users could check out Vikendi Snow Map from December 20.

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