PUBG Mobile: Vikendi Snow Map Almost On Live Public Serves For PS4 And Xbox Gamers - Check Your Consoles Now

Written By Rahul R | Mumbai | Published:


  • Vikendi has already hit PUBG Mobile
  • The important snow map introduces a plethora of enhancements for gamers

The all-important Vikendi Snow Map for Xbox PUBG Gamers is all set to hit live public servers from January 22. At this point, the snow map has hit the public test servers; from January 14. This means that gamers owning Xbox consoles, and having turned PUBG players, should be able to play Vikendi really soon.

Now, Vikendi has been live for PUBG Mobile players (Android and iOS) from nearly a month now. In this regard, if you are an Xbox gamer and PUBG enthusiast, do check for Vikendi from January 22 (as per renowned tipster Slick PUBG) and share thoughts/insights. For the uninitiated, Vikendi Snow Map is a 6x6 island and the new changes that players should observe after the map seeds are:

  • An all-new snow weather mode that brings snow, requiring you to be on your toes to deal with the vagaries of the extremely rough weather conditions.
  • You should also be seeded with an ATV (new vehicle) to navigate through the harsh snow.
  • Newer skins numbering as many as 95. The plethora of skins include the custom chicken feet along with a swimming suit that covers the whole body of your in-game persona.
  • A river that is seemingly frozen; flowing through the outer peripheries of Vikendi (the island).

At this juncture, it is worth noting that Vikendi for PS4 also seeds at the same time as that of the Xbox seeding. If you are a PS4 owner as well, and a PUBG enthusiast at the same time, do check out Vikendi from January 22.

Along with the above enhancements, Vikendi for PUBG also introduces a host of new generic aspects viz new parachuting mechanisms, firearm upgrade, and the ability to better report in-game cheating.

Finally, for early starters of PUBG, it is worth noting that the game was nominated under the Best Mobile Game of 2018 category in the recent Game Awards 2018. The coveted award was bagged by Florence; whereas God of War took home the Game of The Year trophy.

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