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Unacademy Database Hacked, Almost 22 Million Users' Data Compromised: Reports

Unacademy database hacked and reports say that 22 million users' data is being sold on the dark web. The co-founder of the organisation has replied to the same.

unacademy database hacked

Unacademy, a leading online educational portal, has been hacked and its data is now for sale. The data consists of essential details of numerous users across the world. This has become a major problem for the organisation as the data is being sold on the dark web.

Hacked data from the Unacademy app is being sold on the dark web

The reports say that the leading learning app's database of around 22 million users is on sale on the dark web. The information was revealed by the US-based Cybersecurity organisation Cyble. The stolen data constitutes contact details of employees of Wipro, Infosys, Cognizant, Google and Facebook. Apart from this, the hacked data includes usernames, email addresses, passwords, date joined, last login date, first and last names, account profile, and account status of 22 million users.

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In an interview with a news portal, co-founder and CTO of Unacademy, Hemesh Singh, said that the internal investigations of the organisation revealed that the email data of around 11 million users has been compromised and not 22 million which is stated in several reports. He also mentioned that there is only data of 11 million users available on the Unacademy platform. The CTO of the learning portal also revealed that they are closely monitoring the situation and assured the users of Unacademy app that no sensitive information such as financial data or location have been breached. He also mentioned that the privacy of the users has not been compromised and they have a strong security system such as the OTP-based login system that provides an additional layer of security to the users.

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However, the hackers are putting up the user records up for sale for the time being and they may likely have access to more information, according to Cyble. The Cybersecurity organisation has recommended users, such as learners and educators, of Unacademy to immediately change their passwords on the site.

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