Vikendi For PUBG: Effective Loot And Drop Locations In Snow Map Surface

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  • PUBG gets to live serves from December 19
  • Check out multiple spawn locations in Vikendi, as recommended by renowned game tipsters

If you are a PUBG player, then do anticipate the arrival of the Vikendi snow map which is slated to introduce a host of enhancements such as a custom snow weather, new weapon, and snow vehicle among other aspects. In this scenario, various drop locations in Vikendi have surfaced. Now, USP of these is obviously the fact that easy loot could potentially be garnered in these locations.

At this juncture, it is worth noting that Vikendi is live for test servers for PC; the full public version (live servers) of the much expected snow map would be seeded on December 19 followed by an Xbox One (and PS4) launch a month later.

Here, renowned YouTube game tipster Slick via a new video attempts to demystify the new/effective drop locations in Vikendi. If you are playing the Vikendi on PUBG test servers (PC), check out the list of drop locations, below:

With respect to loot, Slick recommends checking out “Castle” (loot 268). Now, you could see all loot points and spawn locations in Vikendi from here; which is a custom website.

Check out Castle’s airplane path and drop down at a relatively far spot; in case you are traversing from west to east Slick recommends Kricha’s (check out in map) spawn location. You could potentially get to loot liberally and navigate within the circle.

You could also turn on vehicle spawns (by switching off loot spawns) in the map and identify if there are vehicles available for use; for navigating out of your circle.

In related developments, PUBG is available for gamers owning Sony PS4 consoles; gamers could check out the PlayStation store to check out on purchasing the title. At the time of launch on PS4 console, PUBG was highly expected (by loyalists) to introduce the Vikendi Snow Map; but gamers would by now have gotten wind of the fact about waiting for a tad longer to witness the snow map on PUBG within their gaming hardware.

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