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What Is OnBimba App And How To Download And Install It For Android And IOS Platforms?

OnBimba is a popular AI-powered communication app which is used by many students and staff members. Read on to know what is OnBimba app and how to download it.

What is OnBimba app

OnBimba is an AI-powered, self-branding communication app that has been specifically designed for students and staff members to encourage them to connect for collaboration, competition and co-creation purposes. The app allows users to open micro apps in a matter of seconds for events, seminars, fests, conferences in order to showcase their skills and abilities.

Similar to a number of other networking sites on the web, there are different rooms on OnBimba that aim to provide focused content or services which are relevant to a specific area of interest. This includes education, institutions, business, family, books, history, science, food and a lot more. Users can connect and start engaging by creating or joining a room from their devices.

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What is an OnBimba room?

A room is an activity-based learning space where like-minded people come together to work on a project, share their ideas and co-create with other participants. A room also allows users to add a number of activities like quizzes, polls, feeds, posts and the likes. Engagement in a room can be highly interactive and enjoyable too.

These rooms can be set to private or public and can be joined by users on the go. It also allows you to group a number of rooms together to create an inclusive ecosystem called HYDRA (Hierarchical Yet Distributed Room Architecture). This is a mobile-first hierarchical engagement model that combines client rooms under a master room known as a Feeder to create a hierarchy.

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OnBimba app download

The OnBimba app is available on both Android and iOS devices. If you're an Android user, you can open the 'Google Play Store' on your phone and search for the OnBimba app. Now, click on the app icon and tap the Install button. iOS users can follow the same steps to install the app from the App Store. 

Android users can also download the OnBimba app apk file from various links online. However, make sure you are running Andoird 4.4 or higher.

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