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What Is Rush App By Hike? Is Hike Sticker Chat App Shutting Down? Know Details

Hike Messenger has grand plans for 2021. Some are distressing while others are excited. Is Hike Sticker Chat shutting down? What is Rush app by Hike?

what is rush app by hike

In a time where multiple companies are set to build messenger apps, Hike Sticker Chat is bidding adieu. But that's not necessarily a bad thing. On January 6, 2021, every Hike user was greeted with an in-app message that they were not ready for.

The message read, "Wishing you a very Happy New Year! Today we're announcing that after so many years of helping you deepen friendships, we will be shutting down Hike Sticker Chat at 11.59 pm on 14th Jan 2021. We thank you for creating amazing memories with us on Hike Sticker Chat and giving us your love and trust for so many years. We wouldn’t be here without each and every one of you. Our Hike journey moves to 2 new exciting apps and we sincerely hope you will join us on the next chapter in our journey! Introducing Vibe by Hike Introducing Rush by Hike. Don't forget to export your chats on Hike Sticker Chat to save your memories by 11:59 PM on Jan 14, 2021. You can continue to reach us on for any issues till 15th Feb 2021."

As mentioned in the message, though the familiar Sticker Chat will depart, two new apps will enter the frame right away.
The two new apps are Vibe by Hike and Rush by Hike. Let's talk about the latter.

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What is Rush app by Hike?

Rush app is a gaming app that offers a diverse set of games, including Carrom and Ludo, under one wing.
For the time being, the app is only available on iOS through the App Store. The Android version of Rush is still under construction and should go live on Google Play in the coming weeks.

"Rush is a new bite-sized gaming service that aims to channel the competitive spirit of India where players can use their skills to Play, Compete & Win! V1 starts with Carrom & much more to follow (inc Ludo)," read the tweet of Hike Messenger CEO Kavin Bharti Mittal. Following are some glimpses of what is Rush app by Hike and what it looks like -

Rush will also have a Pro membership that excludes commission-fee and comes in the form of a badge against members' profile section. Good news is that users' favourite HikeMoji will continue to be available in both the new apps.

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