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What Is Zoho's Arattai App? Learn More About India's First Homegrown Messenger App

Chennai-based SaaS, Zoho Corporation has come up with its own alternative to WhatsApp. What is Zoho's Arattai app? Is it better than WhatsApp?

what is zoho's arattai app

Many people are looking to move away from WhatsApp. Unless you've been living under the rock, you'll know that WhatsApp recently announced its revision in the privacy policy that meant a more elaborate form of customer data sharing with Facebook. Ever since many existing messenger apps have found recognition. Among them is Signal, which is currently experiencing the best time by charting at the top in app stores around the world. However, many Indians are in a quandary with the Make-in-India movement still afresh in their minds.  Lucky for them, India has found a homegrown alternative in time.

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What is Zoho's Arattai app?

Arattai, which is chit-chat for Tamil, is Zoho's reply to the current scenario. Zoho Corporation is an Indian multinational SaaS (Software as a Service) headquartered in Chennai and founded by Shridhar Vembu. In his recent tweet, Shridhar Vembu couldn't contain his excitement as he announced the trial release for his app. Already available on Google Play Store, Arattai has been greeted with 4.6 ratings with over 10,000 installs.

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Arattai vs WhatsApp

Since Arattai is still in its post-production stage, it's too early to do a formal comparison. 
As of now, Arattai's messages are not end-to-end encrypted. The feature will be introduced during the app's formal launch. Arattai has announced loud and clear that they would not disclose any user information without prior consent. However, they may have to share some user data only for assistance in rendering the service.

“Such sharing occurs only on a need-to-know basis and only with those who maintain appropriate confidentiality and security practices. We may also share the information with governmental agencies and other third parties in order to (i) comply with applicable laws, (ii) protect the rights and safety of our users, employees and the general public, and (iii) to prevent fraud," the privacy policy read.

To sum it up, users will only have to provide their basic personal information for registration purposes and if at all they're asked for information other than what is stated in the privacy policy, Zoho Corporation has claimed that it will offer users an "effective way to opt-out", too. 

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