Why Is Covidout.in Not Working And Is The Site Down?


Why is Covidout.in not working? Find out the reason why Covidout may not be working. Read to know what are the other sites that offer similar services

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India has been taking strict measures to tackle the recent outbreak of Coronavirus pandemic. The Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi, declared Janta Curfew on March 22, 2020, which has proven to be a success as people diligently followed the guidelines. In this fight against COVID-19, many online sites too came up such as Covidout.in, that are helping to keep the people informed.

This site has been providing the users with recent data about the confirmed cases, suspected individuals and death tolls from the Coronavirus pandemic in India. However, now people have started asking about "why is Covidout.in not working?" It seems that the site has stopped working and it is not available for public use anymore.

Why is Covidout.in not working?

According to the reports, Covidout.in was sharing sensitive information regarding the Coronavirus pandemic in India. The site would outsource information from official government sites or other credible sources to fulfil the need of the internet users for the latest updates. However, it could be banned seems by the Indian government or removed from Google. Sometimes Chrome or Google.com has problems while processing websites due to which such glitches happen. The site may come online after a while once the problem is resolved if it is an internal problem of Covidout or Google.com.

In its place, a new private site which is similar to Covidout India is out. The site is https://www.covid19india.org/.

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What is the official government site for Coronavirus updates in India?

The official government sites for COVID-19 updates in India are MyGov.in/Covid-19 and Mohfw.gov.in/. These sites provide accurate data as per the government's declaration. Both the sites are officially controlled by the Indian Government and you can rely on these sites for accurate data when Covidout is not working. 



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