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Apple Watch 6 Black History Month Limited Edition On Sale; Know Details Here

Apple Watch 6 will now feature a Black History Month limited edition which will go on sale until the end of February. Here is everything you need to know. Read

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Many huge organisations are celebrating this year's Black History Month including the tech giant, Apple. The American organisation has its own unique way of celebrating the month by introducing a special edition of Apple Watch Series 6. That is the reason why many fans are wondering about Apple Watch Series 6 BHM price. If you have been wondering about the same, then, do not worry, here is all you need to know about it.

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Apple Watch 6 Black History Month limited-edition released

Apple has introduced a new limited-edition variant of the Apple Watch 6 for the Black History Month. The smartwatch is called the Black Unity Sport Band, and it comes with a Unity watch face. This special edition has been designed by the members of the Black creative community. 

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The newly announced sports band has a unique engraving of “Truth. Power. Solidarity” onto the stainless-steel pin. According to the press release for the Black Unity Sport Band, the Apple Watch Series 6 BHM will sport colours such as “red for the blood that unites people of the African Diaspora and was shed for their liberation, black for the people whose existence is affirmed by the flag, and green for the vibrant natural wealth of Africa, the Motherland.”

Apple sport band is also made from coloured fluoroelastomer which is a synthetic rubber. Apart from this, the Black History Month edition called the Black Unity Sport Band will include a new watch face. Apple said that the Limited edition Apple Watch Series 6 “displays an ever-changing pattern that dynamically shifts as Apple Watch moves, creating a unique face for everyone.”

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Apple Watch 6 BHM price details

Apple Watch 6 BHM price comes in a different variant. The Sport Band costs $49 and the smartwatch itself costs $399 (40mm GPS), $429 (44mm GPS), $499 (40mm GPS + Cellular) or $529 (44mm GPS + Cellular). Apple will also celebrate the Black History Month across its other services such as Apple Music, iOS App Store, Apple TV, Maps, News, Books, Podcasts and more.

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