Sony Officially Declares A Next-Gen PlayStation, Even Game Loading Comes To The Fore


Sony PS5 could be a reality - physically, soon.

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The current-gen Sony PS4 console

There is officially a next-gen Sony PlayStation gaming console, and now there are more official details on the way forward with respect to this device. Now, the key aspect here is that these new details could give PlayStation (PS) loyalists lots to cheer about. Firstly, Sony says that the next-gen PS would be “seamless” and “immersive”.  

Now, with the above aspect in tandem, Sony during a Corporate Strategy Meeting has clearly stated that it is on a mission to make its PS the “best place to play” and this would be potentially accomplished via leveraging all latest technology elements such as 5G, Cloud, better streaming, along with effective content merging.  

There is a Sony-Microsoft partnership as well 

During the Corporate Strategy Meeting, Sony has also confirmed a collaboration with Microsoft to work towards building newer aspects such as improved game streaming. This could potentially give rise to enhanced gaming experiences – from gamers’ perspective.  

At this juncture, there are rumours about an impending PS5 launch; though the nomenclature of the “future” PS was not revealed during the above Sony Strategy conference, the rumoured PS5 name could make sense considering the fact that the current-gen PS4 nomenclature has seemingly settled in and it would be relevant that there is yet another numerical-driven name for the next edition of Sony’s PS.  

Then, Sony also reportedly showcased game loading times on the next-gen PlayStation console. As per a video tweeted by a Wall Street Journal reporter, the performance of the showcased console is impressive in comparison to the current-gen PS4 console. Check out this video, here.  

Finally, there are clear indications about a futuristic PS console coming to the fore in the present. PS5 or whatever it is should be compatible with 5G wireless networks as well. What do you think? 

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