Sony PS5 Backwards Compatibility Support For Current PS4 Games Could Just Be A Reality 

Written By Rahul R | Mumbai | Published:


  • The next-gen Sony PS5 console could offer backwards compatibility for PS4 titles
  • Which titles do you think could be backwards compatible on Sony PS5?

Sony PlayStation 5 backwards compatibility could just be official. This is courtesy a new statement by Jim Ryan – head of PlayStation who has vouched for backwards compatibility while adding that the functionality is “incredibly powerful”.  

In Ryan’s statement during Sony’s recent conference on Corporate Strategy, quoted by GamesRadar, wherein he clearly rates backwards compatibility in today’s digital age as being extremely important and a potential driver of change, it is evident that the next-gen PlayStation device irrespective of its nomenclature would allow gamers to still enjoy all their current-gen PlayStation 4 titles on the newer console.  

Folks at Sony also seemingly believe that such a cross-integration would keep the gaming communities connected and interactive. However, at this point in time, it is not clear as to which of the current-gen (and even those of the new releases) PS4 titles would offer backwards compatibility with the newer PS5 console (upon its release).  

Now, the above aspect adds substance to recent rumours that had suggested gamers could play PS4 games on the next-gen PS5 devices. Also, it is worth noting that Sony after recently phasing out the PlayStation Vita is hugely rumoured to go big on newer PlayStation devices. With the latest backwards compatibility aspect coming to the fore, it is evident that there would be a physical (not conceptual) next-gen gaming hardware from Sony.  

Also, during a recent event Corporate Strategy Meeting, Sony even offered glimpses of the loading times on the future PlayStation console in comparison to that of the currently existing hardware. The loading times, on display here, were theoretically impressive.  

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