This Hand Scanner Can Detect Invisible Bacteria And Harmful Viruses - Claims Developer


Christine Schindler, a biomedical engineer, has designed a hand scanner which helps people detect a number of invisible signs of bacteria and deadly viruses.

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Hand scanner can detect viruses

The coronavirus has left many feeling anxious and powerless. And with the number of cases around the world still on the rise, people are committed to cleaning their hands regularly. Doing this on a regular basis is believed to be the best defence against the deadly virus; however, there is always a possibility that one can miss some key spots while washing them. This includes areas which may carry the harmful viruses. So, for those of you who have been hit with the paranoia, there is a hand scanner called PathSpot which may help you.

PathSpot is a hand scanner which has been claimed to detect disease-causing viruses. The device, which has been developed by biomedical engineer Christine Schindler, claims to help people see the spots that they might have missed while washing their hands.

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How does the hand scanner work?

The device can be set at a central point where one can easily scan their hands after washing to check if they have been cleaned properly or any harmful viruses continue to exist. If it detects some kind of contamination, it will prompt the user to rewash their hands more thoroughly.

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The hand scanner can detect a number of viruses, not coronavirus!

As per details available on PathSpot's official website, the scanner can help people detect invisible signs of bacteria and viruses like the Norovirus, E.coli, Listeria, Hepatitis A, and Salmonella – all of which can lead to food-borne illnesses.

The device has not been rated to detect coronavirus; however, Schindler claims that one can certainly rely on PathSpot for the detection of faecal matter, which is said to be a potential source of the deadly infection. It is also said that despite its inability to detect coronavirus, the disease detecting scanner can prove to be crucial in avoiding the diseases caused by it.

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PathSpot is only available for enterprises right now

As of now, PathSpot is targeted at enterprises, especially ones in the food industry. The hand scanner is currently not available for individual consumers; however, for those in the food industry, the disease detecting scanner can certainly come in handy to ensure that the staff members are washing their hands correctly.

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